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Work vent - so infuriated.

Typed out a whole post and the Nest ate it....let's add to my anger, shall we?

Shorter version:

I work for a magazine, many of you know which one. One of my jobs is reviewing and accepting "real" wedding features. Local photog submitted photos to run in the upcoming issue, which goes to press in less than a month. Article has been laid out. While editorial and advertising are two separate entities, the venue that hosted the wedding signed an ad contract with the mag because we're running this wedding.

She calls today and tells me a larger, regional weddings mag wants to run it (after they declined it for the fall issue), so she wants to pull it from our magazine because the other magazine requires exclusivity. Are you flipping kidding me? I'm shaking from anger that 1) we're not "good" enough for her, and 2) she made a deal and is going back on it. Where is the professionalism? We might not be as big as the other magazine, but we're not a dinky newsletter handed out to 50 brides. 

Ironically, I just declared a month ago that the next issue would require all photogs to sign exclusivity contracts, but we've never had a problem with it in the past. I don't have a contract, but I do have written emails of her submitting the wedding to us, i.e. giving permission.

Everyone here from the ad director to myself is at a loss as to how to handle this. Right now, I'm just trying not to burn bridges. 

Re: Work vent - so infuriated.

  • Oh, and just to make it clear, the larger regional magazine isn't the Knot :-p despite my admission at the GTG of having interned for them!
  • ugh, sorry, that stinks. So what now? Do you have to find someone else?
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  • Oh, I don't know...right now I'm waiting for her to call me back (after we had a discussion about how negatively it would affect me and the publication for her to pull). 

    I go back and forth from 1) Running it anyway, I do have written permission from her, 2) finding another wedding from the same venue as to not upset the advertiser, but we're in a time crunch, or 3) calling the editor of the larger regional publication and explaining the conversation I had with the photographer.

    Is that third option unprofessional? Part of me wants to show the photographer that I might not be a big of a magazine of the other one, but I do have connections and she can't pull a stunt like this solely to benefit herself without repercussions. But I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do.
  • Yikes, I don't know what I would do. I don't know the ins and outs of your industry so its hard to say. I'm thinking probably option #2 even though it sounds like a huge PITA. As tempting as option #3 sounds, I probably wouldn't....
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  • I am thinking a combo of 2 & 3... 

    I think #3 depends on how well you know the people at the larger magazine.  You don't want to sound like you are doing it just because of "sour grapes."  However, if you already have a professional working relationship with the people there, I would absolutely talk to them about it.

    Also, I would definitely pull the spread tyou have for this photographer.  They are acting unethically and I wouldn;t want to promote their business.  Call another photographer that you have worked with before, explain the situation and ask them if they have any recent work at that venue.  Or call the venue and tell them what the photog did and ask them for a referal to one of their preferred photogs.

    Everyone understands that this is a competitive business, but screwing over your peers and related professionals isn't something that is acceptable.

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