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DAYS watchers

Is Hope getting on anyone else's nerves as badly as she's getting on mine?  I know it's frustrating wanting to figure out a deep, dark family secret and all but her high-and-mighty, throw-my-weight-around-because-I'm-a-badass-female-cop drama queen-ness is really driving me crazy.
She HAD her chance to open that dang box.  It was sitting right in front of her and all her dumb ass had to do was turn the key but she got all drama-queenie, "ohhh I'm not ready," only to harass Stefano about the box a day later.  I'd like to take that box and bonk her upside the head with it.

 I'm loving the story line with Will/Sami/EJ.  And I really don't like Rafe and Carrie at all. It's your SIL.  Eeew.  DH LOL'd at Austin's comment about finding the ladle for the punch.  ("You used to be a detective brother; find it yourself.")  He found it funny and said he hopes this story line lasts longer just for the comic relief.

The guide for Friday's episode says "Will makes a revelation that will affect everyone in Salem."  I wonder if he'll blurt out about Sami and EJ doin' the nasty, EJ blackmailing him and the fact that he shot him, or coming out of the closet.  Or all of the above.


Re: DAYS watchers

  • Really, just open the stupid box and get on with your life! I'm not a fan of some of the new potential couplings: Carrie/Rafe, Abigail/Austin. 

    As far as Will's revelation, I agree with all of the above.  

    I'm finding most of the current story lines boring and am looking forward to some of the new ones I read on spoiler pages.  



  • I actually love the Rafe/Carrie storyline. I hate that they brought back the original Austin and I just can't get behind him and Carrie being together. If it was Austin Peck, that would be a different story. I've also always been Team Carrie, starting from the days when Sammi pulled all those shenanigans with Austin.
  • I hate the Abigail and Austin story line(maybe if it was Austin Peck, I'd feel differently!). 

    I do wonder what Will will blurt out, though(probably not about shooting EJ). I am thinking it has to do with Sami and EJ having sex.  I don't think he will come out until he kisses another guy.

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  • ok, I missed last week and totally missed EJ getting shot. I watched yesterday and today's episode thinking they would mention it or flashback (you know how they usually do) but nothing!

    what happened? was it at the birthday?

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  • I wasn't watching it at the time Will (or at the time Lucas) shot EJ.  I was a bit lost on that one but I just went with it.  You know soaps - you can go 10 years wihtout watching and catch up just as easily.  :)  Lucas is supposed to come back this month, too.
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