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How do I lose so many water bottles?

I feel like I constantly buy them, and big ones, usually 32 ounces, and of course, I'm back down to one again. I honestly have no idea where they could be. 

Oh, and the fact that my socks are a variety of colors (or have colored stripes on them) means I have to wear matching socks, and there are always a few without a buddy. I know I CAN wear socks with different colored stripes, but I'm super anal about this, because I know as soon as I wear a non-matching pair I'll suddenly find the other pink/ green/ blue/ etc one. 

Do you regularly lose any H&F stuff?  


Re: How do I lose so many water bottles?

  • My socks NEVER match. I have so many adidas white w/ color strips you'd think i'd be able to find a mate, but nope. I can't wear two different brand socks together. It drives me crazy.

    I'm alway losing running gloves (the cheepy $1 ones). Its like a universal rule that I can't own two pairs at the same time.


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  • Water bottles too! Sometimes I'll take a hard turn and one will slide out from under a seat. And Chapstick becomes invisible around me too. 
  • You need to do more races, I feel like every time we do a race we get a new water bottle.

  • I pin my socks together so they don't get lost. DH thinks it's dumb, but he's always the one searching for a matching pair. :D


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