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2012 Goals/Resolutions

What do you want to make happen in 2012?


#1 - Lose 50 pounds. I lost more this year so I know this is attainable.

#2 - Get as close to a  4.0 as possible for the next three sessions (spring, summer, fall) and graduate in Dec.

#3 - Get pregnant (something really beyond my control). If not and we end up needing IVF, save a ton of money so we don't have to finance the whole thing.


TTC#1 since 1/2011

1/2012: Fertility workup including SA/HSG - no issues. DX: Unexplained

IUI#1 = BFN 7/2012

IUI#2 = BFN 8/2012

IVF#1 = BFP - ER 12/6, ET 12/11 - 20R, 15M, 14F - 2 transferred, 2 frozen

Betas: #1(9dp5dt)-50, #2(13dp5dt)-467, #3(16dp5dt)-839, #4(20dp5dt)-1825

Saw HB - 7w1d, missed m/c - 9w1d


Re: 2012 Goals/Resolutions

  • Goal #1:  Workout three days a week.  I would like to lose enough weight to maybe have to buy some new bathing suits before our cruise six months from today.

    Goal #2:  Find a new doctor so that I can get my recommendation for the lap band.  My plan for this is after we come home from our cruise.

    Goal #3:  Clean out our computer room (books), third bedroom (boxes) and garage (boxes and old furniture).  Until we do all of this and get the flooring taken care of, we cannot begin the adoption process (our decision, not theirs). 

    Goal #4:  Go to BR for Easter.  This is something I willingly discussed with Bill but we will see if this is something that actually happens.

    Goal #5:  Go to mass every weekend (either Saturday night or Sunday morning).

  • Goal #1:  Maintain my weight loss, and tone things up a bit in the midsection.

    Goal #2: House things - finish the kitchen & bar, refinish the pool, get some furniture for the front room, paint the bedroom.  Some more things would be nice but those are the priorities.

    Goal #3: New car  

    Goal #4: Have a baby, or at least get pregnant.  

    Before 3 or 4 can happen, J has to find a job, so I'm assigning that goal to him, but I know he wants it as bad (or worse) than me :)

  • Weight loss- lose 25 pounds by our 1 year anniversary, lose another 25 by my birthday, and then 20 more before 2013.

    Money - Create and stick to a budget that allows us to pay off our debt and put at least $10k in savings.

    Education- Finish my CPhT certification before Valentines day and enroll in college and take at least one class.

  • #1- Pay off all our debt except house and car

    #2-Find & Purchase DH a new truck for when he goes into his new sales position

    #3-Stop cussing completely

    #4-Double my money going into savings each week

    #5-Sell our home and purchase/build our dream home 

  • #1- Pay off some credit card debt.  I am hoping to pay off at least three cards this year, hopefully more.

    #2- Get pregnant!

    #3- Eat healthier- cut out the junk I currently eat too often.

    #4- Put more money into savings.

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    ~TTC Buddies with akcrrr and amandaf6383~
    ~Knottie/Nestie Besties with *ecinereb* - Congratulations!~
    TTC since June 2011 dx: PCOS
    Clomid+IUI: Cancelled b/c didn't respond (June 2012)
    Femara+Trigger+IUI #1: BFN :-( (July 2013)
    Natural Cycle (8/7/13)- BFP!  Beta #1 (9/10/13): 509 Progesterone: 18.64  Beta #2 (9/12/13): 1118
    Baby N born 5/9/14
  • #1 attempt to be more of an ephesians 4:29-32 lady! :D lifting others up, helping others succeed, etc.

    #2 take my GRE and hopefully get into a master's program :)

    #3 work on saving $, also getting DH a better paying job

    #4 keeping my diabetes in check so if we do happen to get pregnant,  I'm healthy and the baby would be too (we aren't using bc anymore, but not counting days or anything ttc)

    #5 work on building better communication in our relationship 

    -Jennifer! Visit The Nest! Visit The Nest!Visit The Nest!
  • 1. Pay off all CC debt!

    2. Make double payments on car and student loans (assuming #1 goes well)

    3. Get accepted in certification program at Tarleton, complete it successfully, pass the ASCP and become a certified med tech.

    4. Start looking for a house, whether leasing or buying.

  • 1. Get our debts paid.

    2. Find a home/job in the new city.

    3. Get into an exercise regimen that I actually enjoy. 

  • 1. Quit eating out as much

    2. Make school more of a priority (taking Spring off) so I can graduate in Dec 2013.

    3. Learn to have more patience with things/people I can't control

    4. Be the best mom I can be to both Caroline and SD.

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Julie about Lap Band try Dr. Scott at UT Southwestern. He's a great surgeon and I really think you would like him.

    1. To grow spiritually as a couple and get involved in our new parish community.

    2. To lose 45 pounds this year. Hopefully at least half of that before May.

    3. To pay off my at least one of my loans in May. Put more of that money towards the car payments

    4. Start trying again in May.

  • 1. Get healthier (specifically, I need to lose 15-20 lbs.)

    2. Make our new house a home -- although, this shouldn't take more than a few more months of organizing and cleaning.

    3. Finance and plan our next big vacation (aiming for Europe in early 2013, although if we could afford it, 2012 would be amazing.)

    4. Buy my car when the lease is up ... or buy a different used car, if I can find a better value elsewhere.

  • 1.) Workout 4 times a week and lay off the sugar and junk.  I want to lose a pretty hefty chunk of weight before we TTC and ideally I'd like to get down to at least what I weighed when I met DH which is about 75 pounds less than what I am now.  It seems daunting when you put a number with it. 

    2.) Purge purge purge.  Clean out my room and actually have a garage sale instead of just talking about it.  Put some stuff on ebay for some extra money.

    3.) Make our home look less like our wedding threw up in it. 

    4.) Find a new job that I want to be at 7 days a week because I love it so much, not that I would actually work 7 days a week.  Maybe not this year but one of these days.  Nonetheless, find a different job with a better environment. 

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