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Meeting couples

Ok, sounds lame, but my husband and I hang out at home a lot, we love to cook and just spend time hanging out.  We have our individual friends but I want to be able to hang out with couples that are our friends!  I get sick of hanging with my friends and their significant others, or his friends and their wives I don't always love. Anyone going through this sort of an issue?  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Just looking to meet friends we can both hang out with.  Sounds lame, but really, they dating websites to meet people, why is it so hard to meet cool couples? 

Re: Meeting couples

  • meetup.com has groups for adults with common interests. I've seen some for couples, like foodies who eat out together, movie clubs, etc. There might be some in your area.
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  • I can COMPLETELY relate. We only have one couple (my friend and her husband) that my DH likes to hang with, but they have 2 little ones and her husband works an awful schedule. We used to hang with a couple that rented the condo next door to us, which was really fun, but after they moved out, they stopped calling or returning our calls....its tough
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  • We are in the same boat. DH has a few friends, most are single the others are married with kids and the wives never come out. I have mostly single friends. The one couple we hung out with every weekend moved to NY last summer.

    My local board has a facebook group and we're meeting in a couple weeks. I'm hoping I hit it off with a few of them and we can double date with their DH's. 

    I sound pathetic! 

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  • My DH and I are also in the same situation. All of our friends are either not married, or if they are they live in other cities, so we are currently on the hunt for "couple friends". It is hard though to find couples that you both like and that like both of you. :(
  • There is a site called Kupple.com that is kind of a "couples dating site". 
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