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I could strangle my H right now

I have never felt quite this way before. I have been homebound for over a week.  I haven't had one breath of outdoor air in as long. I am showered. I managed to strap on a pair of leggings and arrange myself so I don't look so pathethic in clothes that don't fit. I even put on some blush.

We go to leave to the movies and my husband can't find his wallet. So now he's ripping apart the house and the car trying to find it. (I am not able to help apparently). He's calling coworkers at work to see if maybe he left it there. We already missed the first showing of the movie.

I am just seriously so bummed, I can't even describe it. I know it's not his fault that he lost it, but I'm going stir-crazy. I am *this* close to just leaving without him.

Re: I could strangle my H right now

  • Doesn't that just figure something like that would happen when you finally are making an attempt at leaving the house? An argument or two have started with me going stir-crazy on my days off! Hope you escape the house soon!
  • That sucks.  And my H would be freaking out dramatically just like yours.  Then, calmly, I look around for a few minutes, and find it.  No sweat.

    Can you just drive and pay for the movie with your stuff?  I know that it's a serious thing to lose, but I'd offer to do that instead.  Especially if it's your only chance to get out. 

    my read shelf:

  • Well, H finally did find his wallet (a coworker confirmed that he had left it at work). We were able to make it down the street in time for the open captioned version. It was totally weird having subtitles and there were two very chatty pre-teens behind us, but I did get to go out and see the movie.

    Tomorrow, we conquer Mission Impossible. H has promised this time, we won't have subtitles and will suss out a corner spot.

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