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s/o - organizing for clothes

Do you use bins/totes or space bags?  Is there another way to organize??

I now have a ton of baby clothes and maternity stuff besides all my seasonal clothes, so I'm trying to figure out which way to go.  

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Re: s/o - organizing for clothes

  • I keep all of my clothes either hanging in my closet, folded on shelves in my closet, or in my dresser drawers. When I was wearing maternity clothes, I just mixed those in with the rest.

    Now my maternity clothes are packed in a plastic bin in the attic. I do the same for DS's outgrown clothes.

    I only use space bags for linens, but TBH I hate them and have stopped using them now. They leave a horrible plastic stink behind and it's just not worth it.


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  • We do bins- w/ 2 kids I find that space bags don't really "last" through many openings and closings.

    My issue w/ bins is that I always seem to end up with bins of combined seasons/sizes which sort of defeats things organization-wise.  

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  • I have bins that are labeled "seasonal clothes" and I switch the clothes usually in October/November and then back again in April.  Right now I have another bin labeled "regular clothes" (lol) and I am putting my regular, non-maternity clothes there as I "size out" of them.

    Now how my clothes are organized in my drawers is another story (I have such good intentions. Sweaters here, knits and tshirts here, pants here, workout clothes here. but what about a light weight sweater?  Or heavier knits that dont fit in my drawer? Where do my camisoles go?  And for the love of god, what about about the comfy pants that can work for around the house, working out, or even sleeping?!?!?)

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  • For DH and my clothes we just have all our clothes in our closet/room. But for A's clothes, I just store them in totes/bins in the basement. Once baby girl is done with them, I plan to consign them.
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  • You got me there. I am a very organized person and love me a clean, organized house, but my closet looks like a bomb went through. No organization whatsoever. I tried to organize at some point but nothing I tried really made sense so I gave up and focus my energy on stuff people see  :)



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  • My clothes are organized by type in my closet - pants/skirts/dresses/long sleeved/short sleeved shirts. I'd like to organize by color and casual vs. work but so far that hasn't happened. I try to clean out/edit regularly so I always have room. My maternity clothes are in a tub in the basement. I have started consigning/donating DDs old clothes and toys. Not everything, but I had way too much to begin with. If/when I have another LO, I'll buy less.
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  • All of DH and my clothes are in our closet or in our dressers.

    Before Claire was born, Aiden's outgrown baby clothes were stored in bins in the basement.  When she was born, I went through, pulled out the g/n stuff, and consigned the rest.

    Now that I have two outgrowing clothes, I've got bins that I need to organize.  I went through both of their closets yesterday and filled a bin, but it's a mix of girl and boy clothes.

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  • I wish I had bigger closets.. For now I keep the off season clothes in under the bed storage containers.
  • Thanks ladies.  I guess I'll stick with the bins.  I need to go get a couple (tis the season since they are everywhere right now).
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