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Experience with Rooms to Go?

Do you have any experience with them? I read some bad reviews about their other locations, couldn't find anything about them, here in Austin.

If you have bought furniture, what did you buy? how was the delivery time (on time or not)? Do you have pictures to share?


Re: Experience with Rooms to Go?

  • We almost bought from them, which took them over an hour to ring us up and they didn't give us the deals they were advertising.  By the time we left we didn't really want the piece bc we were tired of them hassling us to buy more furniture and add-on extras.

    We ended up having to cancel the order anyways bc the entertainment center wouldn't fit in the niche, so I don't know about end-product, sorry!

  • Our living room and dining room sets are from them.  We're very happy with both, purchased in May 2006.
  • We got our coffee/end tables from them and have had no problems.  They did give us a hard time because we weren't buying the "whole" room set, but otherwise we had a good experience.
  • We bought our couch and ottomans along with our mattress there.  We had a great experience both times and had our furniture within a couple of days of purchase.  I highly recommend them myself.  We have only used the one on Lakeline. (I wasn't sure if there were others in Austin or not but this is close to us anyways.)


  • We bought all our TV room furniture form them and it was great (PIB)!  We got free financing for like 4 years.  Delivery was fine, I think.  It was a while ago.  DH was the only one there I think.  We've had no complaints whatsoever and will probably buy more furniture from there when we need it.
  • Oh and our dining room set is from there but we didn't buy it directly from them, it was from one of DH's coworkers.  But I LOVE it, and I think it's still sold there.
  • Our master bedroom furniture is from RTG and we love it.  We've had it for 3 years (maybe more) and haven't had any problems with it.  One of our cats likes to push himself along the footboard, and considering that he does it daily it has very few scratches and most of them are minor.
  • We got our bedroom set, entertainment center, couch and a lamp there and have been very happy with all of it. We got the bedroom set from the Lakeline location, entertainment center I ordered online and couch and lamp we got at Southpark. We've been happy with all aspects of the purchase- sale, delivery and end product.?
  • We bought our sofas, coffee table, and end table from them in March 2004 and had a great experience.  We bought leather sofas and we get a lifetime supply of the leather conditioner.  I was skeptical at first that it would be difficult to get the conditioner from them but I just walk in and ask a sales associate and they give me 5 bottles, no questions asked.
  • i helped a friend purchase a couch from rooms to go in el paso and they were great.  they extended her 0% interest an extra year after we asked them about it and they had the couch in stock and ready for us to take home right away.  they helped us load it into the truck (which was nice since it was three girls doing all this) and tie it up.  she loves her couch and says its easy to maintain (which is nice since it is a cream colored couch).
  • We bought our sofa, chair, and ottomon as well as our entertainment center from them.

    The sales person was nice, and not too pushy. She started out that way but I said up front, "This is what I want, I will absulutely not be buying anything else" and she dropped it. She was really nice and very helpful.

    The furniture has held up VERY well. We bought an off white microfiber sofa with matching chair and loveseat. They did the scotchguard for free, and let me tell you it works! We bought them in January 2005 and they have lasted through 3 moves, countless wild parties, 2 extra large dogs, brother in law sleeping on the sofa for 3 months, at least 1 glass of red wine, and a puddle of dog blood. There are no stains and hardly any wear and tear. Also, it's the most comfortable $600 sofa you've ever sat on, LOL. I pitched a fit saying no sofa at that price will be comfortable, but we later bought the Haverty's version of the chaise lounge and we actually prefer the couch!

    The only problem we had was the delivery. They came the next day and the entertainment center/armoire was so big, the delivery guy got it half way up the stairs to our second level apartment, and quit! As in quit his job, called his wife to come pick him up. Thankfully DH was much stronger and was able to get it in, and the delivery was already free.

  • image SaraLouiseBride08:

    , the delivery guy got it half way up the stairs to our second level apartment, and quit! As in quit his job, called his wife to come pick him up.



  • i've bought a sofa, a chair, an ottoman, and a mattress from rooms to go near lakeline mall and have been very happy with every piece.  delivered on time and decent service.

    the only quasi-complaint i would have is that they really did hard sell the scotchgard (sp) treatment, but i held my ground until finally the guy gave up.  and when i paid for my mattress with cash, they didn't seem to know what to do with it.  "let me check with my manager.  i've never had anybody pay with cash before."  that amused me and yet saddened me at the same time. 

  • We got our scotch guard for free! I think we bought in the furniture "slow season" ...

    LOL and we paid with a check and it was pretty hilarious. She got out a credit application at first and I told her we didn't need it. When I said we were paying with a check she just stared at me with a blank look on her face. She didn't argue though, I thought for sure she was going to tell me they wouldn't take it and I was going to turn around and walk out. LOL I really just wanted a reason to get the $1800 sofa I really wanted at Haverty's that DH vitoed! Wink Too bad she didn't argue!

  • I wonder if they get paid extra to sign you up with their credit line. Because as soon as we said we don't financing, there was a pause!!

    Thank you for your feedbacks. There are a few other places for us to look at, and also figure out how to bring in the cable outlet to the otherside of the room, that's a really important factor of what measurements would work. What we like about RTG was that most of the furniture gets delivered soon, we went to Star and what we like in the color we liked would have gotten to us in 3 months. We don't have anything to sit on right now and we can't wait 3 months!!


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