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Windows Vista

Hi Ladies!

Does anyone have any information on or forums to suggest about windows vista?  My new laptop came in today (Yay) and its pre-loaded with Vista.  I knew it had some problems for awhile, so I am trying to decide if I want to re-install XP on the new one, or leave it as Vista.


Re: Windows Vista

  • I have vista on my new laptop as well, I have not had any problems so far.
  • I had Vista when it first came out and it wouldn't work with Itunes and kept crashing and it was either reinstall XP or bash my computer repeatedly with a hammer so I went with the former.

    The Itunes issue has been fixed though and if you're doing just basic computer stuff, internet, MS office, etc. you should be okay.

    I vaguely remember hearing my DH say that Microsoft is completely scrapping Vista and working on another OS because Vista has been such a nightmare since day one.  

  • i would do xp, but i just hate vista. (fwiw i am a mac addict so i am a bit biased)
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  • I just got a new laptop last week & am fine with Vista.  My dad said the Vista Home Office is the best version (I am an idiot w/ computer stuff and basically ask him to tell me which computer to buy) but, then again, I haven't really tried to use any old software (that's where I hear the nightmare begins).  I would just try it out and see if you like it & then go from there. 

    So far, I really like some of the features of Vista & haven't had any problems. 

    I do think it's funny that they are trying to copy Mac with it.  So many functions of Vista remind me of Mac.  I love Mac, but didn't want to spend Mac prices (wish I could have...).

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  • My neighbor works for Microsoft and has been running the service pack upgrade for a couple months that they released a few days ago.  He said it makes the system much more stable and they made lots of improvements with it.  He did recommend doing the Office service pack installation, which isn't an auto-upgrade.  Overall I think the program is great- it just seems like they should have finished it before they released it to the public.  : /
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