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My poor foster doggie has heartworms

No advice necessary, just a venting post. ?

I feel so bad for him. The family that surrendered him took him to the vet in December and had all his shots done but couldn't bother to give him heartworm prevention so today he tested positive for them.?Sad

So the vet said I had 3 options: 1) do nothing; 2) no treatment, just put him on prevention and hope it clears up; 3) do the over $400 treatment and then (the hard part) keep him still/ calm/ quiet for 6 weeks! The rescue will pay, and even if they wouldn't, I couldn't in good conscience just not treat him. I am just upset that he even has to go through this. He is such a good, sweet dog and didn't even whine or wiggle when they had to take the blood to do the test. ?

Re: My poor foster doggie has heartworms

  • Awww, poor little doggy.  But he's lucky to have you taking very good care of him!
  • oh man - that really sucks!  does the rescue group have a vet they can use to get a discount so it isnt so expensive?  i remember someone mentioning a place here in town that does stuff like that for super cheap.
  • Poor thing! You are such a good Samaritan for fostering this guy. I bet he will be the perfect dog when he gets his permanent home. I think KateAggie had to do the heartworm treatment with her adopted puppy--she might be a good source for ideas on how to entertain him but also keep him still. GL!
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  • Our rescue dog was heartworm positive when we got her and the drops we gave her weekly didn't fix the problem.  We ended up doing the procedure, which was around $500, and she has been healthy ever since!  I would try for medication vs. the procedure first just because the procedure is really hard on the dog. 
  • When we adopted our Beagle from the shelter we knew he was HW+. We went through Animal Trustees of Austin and it was MUCH, MUCH cheaper. I will warn you- it is kind of like a reduced fee clinic for animals, so its not glamorous- ATA is non-profit.

    It honestly wasn't that hard to keep him calm for the 6 weeks afterwards because he didn't feel like doing anything. He still walked and hung out with us, but he never got excited or raised his heart rate.

    Its an awful disease. My vet has a HW infested dog heart preserved in a jar at his office. He showed it too me and it is incomprehensible as to how dogs even live with those worm in them!!

    If you have any specific questions, I am happy to help. Page me here or email me at ackoliba at yahoo.


  • Our new pup, Sadie, is completing her treatment this week.  It's been an 8 week total process, but honestly, it went much better than I was expecting.  With a steady supply of bones, and lots of petting, it was actually pretty easy keeping her calm (and she's still a puppy--just over a year).  After the first 10 days of so, it just becomes a routine that you're used to doing.

    Please page me if you have any questions before or during treatment.  I know I was completely freaked out by the worst case scenario.  I just kept reminding myself that at least with us, she had a chance.

  • Sad  Hope the treatment goes well.
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  • Poor baby Sad but thank you for having such a big heart Big Smile

    When we adopted our baby girl 3 years ago she was heartworm positive and she had to go through the treatment. We had the shots done at Animal Trustees (it was a few hundred dollars cheaper), but we did not have a good experience and I ended up taking sugar to the emergency vet to spend the night (not their fault, she had an allergic reaction and needed to be on a benadrly IV) but Animal Trustees did not send us home with good pain medication and she was in MAJOR pain (the emergency vet gave her morphine all night and she was a complete different dog the next day). The process of keeping them calm is much easier then we thought it would be. She did gain about 11lbs in 8 weeks, but she lost it all real quick when she was able to exercise again. She is now a 4 year old happy bouncing girl.

     Good Luck

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