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Who are the pregnant ladies?

So who are our pregnant ladies on the board????
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Re: Who are the pregnant ladies?

  • image houndbaby:
    not me!

    LOL well even though I dont think it needs to be said....not me either....haha


  • YAY!!!
  • Not me but I hope soon!! 
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  • You know...I kinda wouldn't mind to be.  However, too many things go into the minus column:  my age (closing in on 39) combined with the fact that DH gets deployed for a year shortly after Stella's first birthday and I am not going through the newborn stage with a one year old by myself!  Then take daycare costs into consideration.  And our tiny house.  And I think there's no way in hell DH would want to do it all again.
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  • meeeeee! due march 27th!
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  • I thought I would be again by now, but I am pretty sure now that we are one and done.
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  • As much as I think I want another, I am 95% sure we are one and done.

    Davis still doesn't sleep through the night at almost 3 years old, there is no way I could have another child right now and my husband is 1000% sure he only wants one child.  I'm also trying to go back to school and a baby would just put me that much behind.

    I will say I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with only having one, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that every single one of my friends that had their first child the same time I did have all announced pregnancies with their 2nd within weeks of each other.  I have 3 very good friends that are all due this spring/summer. 

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  • i'm not!  however we have been talking about maybe starting to ttc next year.
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  • Congrats to everyone who is!!! Yay babies!!! 

  • Not I!   Still on the fence about #3 but we're probably 1-2 yrs. from ttc if it happens.

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  • I go on the 29th to get my implanon, so thats at least 3 years before we decide on any more children.

  • I will come out of hiding to say me!!  :)
  • Congrats to all you pregnant ladies!!!!!
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  • Me! I'm a bit aways from Toledo (Bryan, OH), but my midwife/dr group is in Sylvania. I'm due April 1st, actually. :)
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  • Not me and not sure if we are one and done or going to have another.  Congrats to all of you who are pregnant. Yes
  • I just found this post but I can say ME! We are due May 9th but baby will be born via csection on May 4th(as of right now).

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