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Natural Dehumidifier?

We have a very small bathroom with no ventilation.  Over a very humid period during the summer our bathroom started to smell almost mildewy...I've cleaned and cleaned and there is still a smell. 

My landlord recently replaced the faucet on the shower/tub so there are no leaks-is there anything I can put in the bathroom to help dissipate the humidity?  I have a toddler so I don't feel comfortable with those jars of gel dehumidifier they have at Home Depot, etc.

Re: Natural Dehumidifier?

  • No ventilation as in no fan or window?  Or just an insufficient one?  I'm pretty sure it's law that bathrooms have to have either a vent or a window.  If there's not one, I'd ask your landlord to put one in and/or upgrade the current one.  After all, it is their place you're ruining if it's impossible to keep the bathroom dry.

    Is showering with the door open an option for you?  If you don't feel comfortable with it all the way open, maybe even getting a door stop to put on the inside to keep the door open just a crack may help.

    Or a space heater, but that would be extra electricity...


  • I think your best bet would be to purchase a dehumidifier (about $150, i think).  Given that it makes such a long-term difference in the condition of the building, your landlord (if they are the owner, anyway) may even buy it.  Otherwise, door open (cracked during, open after showers), and run the heater (also during and following showers).
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  • Lol-I live in an old triple decker house-there's no heat in the bathroom!
  • Actually, I found on Pinterest that a bundle of chalk draws out the moisture in the air the same as de-humidifier. You can buy a pack of 100 at the Dollar Tree.




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  • OMG this is AWESOME-thank you so much!
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