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More new cat questions (safe room)

Sorry for being such a PW, I just have a lot of questions and I don't want to screw this up! 

If you read my post this morning about Sherlock, you know already that he's very curious and already very comfortable with us! I would like to let him start exploring other areas of the house soon since he's so good, but I am still a little weary of letting him have full reign of the house when we aren't home. Is it okay for us to let him explore the rest of the house while we're home and put him back in his safe room at night and when we're at work? Please keep in mind his safe room is the entire basement and that it's about 700 square feet. 

I feel confident that it won't take him too long to know that the curtains are not playthings and the furniture is not for scratching and we'll be able to leave him for the workday alone... but I'm wondering if it's cruel to show him the awesomeness of the rest of the house and then put him in the basement for a lot of his day. 

I've read online that it's okay to do so, but I wanted to hear from you all. 

Re: More new cat questions (safe room)

  • Totally okay!

    Think about it this way: Zoey gets to be out and about and with us whenever we're home and awake, but when we're sleeping/at work, she's in her crate. She gets her freedom when we can supervise, but she's not missing out on anything when she's not out of her crate and we're not there.

    Your basement is 700 sq/ cats could live down there full time!! LOL! When we brought Sammy home, she only got the bathroom the first couple of days, then we moved her/her stuff into our bedroom. Two reasons: she was eensy weensy at only 5-6 weeks old, and we wanted to keep her separated from Scamp for a while. She had no problems being confined until she finally earned her run of the house. :)

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  • We ended up doing the same thing you suggested with Rosco Cat. He went into his room at night and while we were gone. When we were home to supervise he was out and about just fine. He acclimated himself to our home very quickly. Every cat is different and it the times it takes for them to adjust to their surroundings is different.

    As for getting into mischief - that's part of a cats job! :D Typically, they'll be curious for a while and lose interest. Sometimes you have to keep removing them from the object they are obsessed with. I would still suggest leaving him in your safe room until you know he won't bother things.

    We still use Rosco's saferoom - like when we have strangers over, or the dogs are to wild (typically he will go to his room by himself when this happens).

  • I don't think it's cruel at all. Letting him explore in small doses is going to be less stressful for him in the long run. When I let my foster explore (this is after the dogs are in bed and my cats are in their room eating with the door closed) he will occasionally return to the room where he's staying just for reassurance.

    You are doing just fine! It sounds like he is settling in well. 

  • Thank you everyone :) We love our little guy and don't want to upset him!
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