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Getting the dogs in the dog house

We have an 8 month old, and sometimes I let the dogs (German Shepherd and Lab mix) out, things get crazy, and I forget to let them back in for a little while.  For instance, today the dogs were whining to go out, and the baby was crying at the same time.  I opened the door to let the dogs out, then ran over to pick up the baby to find a MASSIVE diaper explosion.  The poor dogs were out in the snow for about 30 minutes.

Because stuff like this happens like this occasionally I bought them this great, extra large dog house.  There is plenty of room for both of them in there, and I thought they could cuddle (they like to snuggle) in it until I could get back to the door to let them in.  However, they will not set foot in the dog house.  They sit next to it in the rain.  I've tried coaxing them, and they will have none of it.  Has anyone had this problem?  How did you train them to go in the dog house?

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Re: Getting the dogs in the dog house

  • I don't. I don't leave them outside alone with the door closed. 
  • Our dogs aren't ever outside unsupervised
  • image stargazertechie:
    Our dogs aren't ever outside unsupervised


    image image image
  • I don't understand why a massive blowout took 30 minutes to change. I would never leave my dogs in the snow or rain for more than a few minutes.  Poo can wait.

    And I'm not one of the "never leave my dog outside unattended" crew, but they don't like the rain and snow and I think leaving them in it is mean.

  • I think if they're indoor dogs, they probably don't get the concept of a dog house. I've never had one, so no advice on how to train them to it. Is a dog door an option, so that they can let themselves in if you get busy?

    I hear you on getting distracted. There was more than one occasion where I was dealing with projectile poop/spit-up/peeing-all-over-themselves-and-me (or a combo of all three) and would all of a sudden think,  "wait, where the hell's the dog??" It's hard to always keep track of everyone.

  • Why did a massive blow out take 30 minutes to clean? Even if he needed a shower, a quick rinse off, soap, rinse would take 5 minutes.

    I am also not in the "I never leave my dogs outside unsupervised" camp but inclimate weather (extreme heat, rain, snow) warrants me standing right at the door. If DS had a massive poop and needed a quick shower/outfit change/etc I'd have hollared at the dogs to get back inside until I was finished. 

    Do you have a screened in porch? Maybe you could leave the door open to that in case that happens again?

  • I also stay near the door if I let my dogs out unattended.  My littlest dog doesn't have much fur, so anything under 50 degrees causes him to shivver.  He does his business, then runs back and knocks on the glass door to let me know to open it.

    Maybe bells or a doggy door bell would help?  They could ring it when they need you to open the door.  Or, keep a timer by the door and set it for five minutes to remind you to come back to them.

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  • Ugh.  Shouldn't have asked.  I forget that the pet board has more judgment than helpful responses.

    And seriously, 5 minutes to change a baby who has poop up her back and out both legs?  Might I mention that she is also crawling and trying to escape the entire time I'm changing her?  It was a challenge to get her shirt off without getting poo in her hair, much less all over the changing table, me, and the wall next to the changing table.  Then we had to shower her off, pin her down to get a new diaper on her, and pin her down again to get some more clothes on her.  Then I looked down, and I had poo on the cuff of my pants.  (No idea how it got there.)  So, that warranted a clothing change.  Then, I went downstairs and thought, "where are the dogs?" 

    And no the poo can't wait.  Not only will it get everywhere, but she gets BAD diaper rashes, and it needs to be dealt with ASAP so she doesn't get one.

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