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getting to know people...

Hi, guys!  I've posted on here a few times before, but I'm really more of a lurker. :/  I hate that word...I sound like a creep! lol  Anyways, I'm really trying to meet more friends.  I don't go to church, so it's really hard for me to make friends.  I'd like to go to the Northies GTG, but my husband is really afraid of it.  He said its awkward and probably a lot of creepers lol!  But I wouldn't mind meeting some women to hang out with, go to dinner with, shopping, and doing lots of girly stuff.  I really want to get to know people in Austin.  I miss having girlfriends!

 You can email me at cheyenne.jock @ y a h o o . c o m . 

 Yeah, I keep rereading this and I can't make it seem non-creeper-ish.  Sorry. :)


Re: getting to know people...

  • The GTGs are actually really fun. I was worried at first, but the ladies are really nice and always welcoming.
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  • You really should go to the Northies GTG!  It's lots of fun and the gals are totally cool.  Tell your DH not to worry about it!  It's at a public place, nothing creepy about that!

    ETA: I should add that I know your DH's skepticism but he really shouldn't worry!  I've met some great friends through this site!

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  • The first gtg I went to was at someone's home and DH (then BF) was SURE they were a armed killer.  :-)

    They are a lot of fun and the ladies are always looking for people to attend and meet.  There are lots of us in similar situations.  Making friends as a "grown up" is tricky!

  • When I first moved to Austin, I didn't know anyone. I went to a nestie GTG at Taytee's house and had such an amazing time. I was soooo nervous to go but I am so glad I did!

    Since then, I have moved to New Braunfels and one of the local nesties (Hi Joyco) has become one of my best friends. 

    DO IT! You will enjoy it! 

  • Ditto everyone else. I've also met some really great people through this board! And although I completely understand the whole thought of being very weird/creepy meeting someone of an internet discussion board, as Mrs.Nole pointed out, we always meet for the GTGs in a public place, so there really is nothing to worry about. :) And there are several of us that have been in the exact same position as you are now!
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