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Sad Story with a Happy Ending! long...(PIP!)

The other night, my Husband, myself, and my parents decided to meet up for dinner. We all enjoyed our meal and each read out fortune cookies, as we were at a Chinese restaurant.  It was getting later (around 8:30pm ish) and we decided it was time to leave. H and I were in his Jeep ready to pull out when we saw my mother spring out of the passenger side of her car and rush over to the truck parked next to her car.

She was speaking with the people about to get into the vehicle and gesturing underneath, H and I couldn't hear what was being said, but we both assumed it was my mother doing who knows what, so i asked my dad what she was doing, before he could answer she came over wanting a box with this little kitten in her arms, bleeding.

We checked with all the patrons in the restaurant and she belonged to no one. Her mouth was bleeding and she was missing fur near her neck by her chin. Dad suggested we take her to the over night drop at the shelter, however we felt with her injuries this would not be a good decision and took her to my mom's school to figure out what to do and call some vets. Myself, H, my mom, and kitty-in-a-box all piled into H's Jeep Wrangler - it was an interesting ride.

None of the vets would take her or help her because she was a stray, or was way too expensive. We called a friend of my mom's who suggested we keep her for the night, clean her up, and take her to the shelter in the morning.

Kitty-in-a-box spent the night in a box in the bathroom after a good 'light' feeding. We took her to the shelter who in turn took her to the vet. Originally the shelter wasn't sure if they would be able to pay for all of the kittens vet bills. If her jaw was broken or the damage was too severe they would have put her down. We insisted they not worry about this and we would pay the bill as needed.

The vet believes she was either caught in barb-wire, hit by a car, or bitten by another animal. The injury was to her mouth and chin (some bone was exposed) and wasn't new, some had begun to heal, and the vet thinks she was on "the streets" for awhile. She was also spayed while at the vet, given vac's, etc.

When my mom returned to the shelter later in the afternoon, the price of the services was low enough where she felt she could claim the kitten as our own instead of surrendering it to the shelter. The vet staff named her Olive (which everyone liked) and we chose to keep the name. Olive will be returning to the vet in a few weeks for a check up!

The other (older) cat at my parents, Kitty (now dubbed "big" kitty since he's twice Olive's size) isn't too sure about Olive yet - he keeps his distance but is obviously curious. 

*NOTE* - Olive now lives at my parents house - not mine! But had to share the story! Will keep everyone updated! 



 Above: here you can see some of her stitches.



Above: HAD to include a cute kitten pic!!!



Above: This is "big" Kitty! Didn't want him to feel left out! Here is manage to perch himself atop a folded up ping-pong table! 

Re: Sad Story with a Happy Ending! long...(PIP!)

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