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**jennyk213** Shea Butter/Body Butter

This turned out way better than it did the last time.  One question and maybe you can't answer this.  Do you know how you get the more creamy texture to the body butter.  After doing some reading I found that you have to melt down the shea butter to get it to be more smooth.  Perhaps I whipped it too long.  I was hoping for a more creamy texture.  Any thoughts on this?

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Re: **jennyk213** Shea Butter/Body Butter

  • I'm glad it worked better! Is this batch runny, more like a thin lotion? Did you melt the shea first and then whip it with your other ingredients? Could you skip the melting step and see what happens? What if you use less oil next time?

    The shea I get is like really firm butter and I don't melt it. I scoop it into a bowl and keep holding the mixers against it until it breaks apart and mixes with the oil. I'm sure it's not great for the mixer but it eventually gets creamy. It turns out like body butter from the Body Shop if you've ever seen that.


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  • I actually tried just mixing the shea butter without melting it the first time and just adding the oil.  What I found was that it was a bit gritty.  After doing a little reading I found that others had the problem with the grittiness and they melted it down.  I tried that and it worked - no more grittiness.  Now it seems a bit dry...not creamy like I want it to be.  I may just try melting it down and adding a bit more oil to it.  I hoping to make a few Christmas gifts of body butter for my kids teachers.  I want to get it perfected before I make more.  I'll let you know how I fare.
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