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What do you do with...

Old, icky pillows that have no "fluff" to them anymore and don't give you anything (except for that crick in your neck)? I have a few and I don't even know what to do. DB keeps sneaking recycables in the trash, and I know if he knew about the pillows, he'd automatically trash them.




Re: What do you do with...

  • Do you have an animal shelter/rescue near you?  They may take them for animal beds.

  • image sunshine_day_dreams:
    Do you have an animal shelter/rescue near you?  They may take them for animal beds.
    This.  Also, what is it made from?  If it's non-plastic it can be composted (though i imagine it would take a long time), and cotton can be recycled (contact your local goodwill to see if they take textile scrap).  If it's plastic, i think re-use (like dog beds) is your best (only?) bet.
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  • My mom has rolled them, tacked them into a squatty tube shape, and sewn covers for them--bolster pillows!
  • Donate them to an animal shelter, use the material inside and make draft protectors for your doors/windows, take 2 pillows and combine the stuffing into 1 pillow, make a pet bed if you have one.
  • I save the fluff and scraps for crafting projects.
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