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Mom's of Marlton Recommendations :)

Hi Everyone!

I wondered if you could help me with any great recommendations! My husband and I have a 2 year old daughter and we're excited to be expecting again!! We're due in the Spring. My family is MOVING.. AGAIN!! We can't believe it. The townhouse we Rented didn't work out - unfortunately. We've been through a LONG road! We moved from Charlotte, NC - lived with in-laws for 9 months in PA! And came to New Jersey for my husband's job, where we fell into a terrible situation in a rented townhouse. (landlord was horrific!) Which left us very distraught. We had to hire an Attorney to get us out of our lease. It was a huge mess! We are trying to pick up the pieces now (even though I just worked so hard to get us settled here!) and move on - to a better situation now!

We are going to be renting from a property managed community (so this issue won't arise again!) and we're EXCITED to move forward!! We're excited to be MOVING to Marlton!!! I've heard really great things about the area!! And it's only a few minutes away from my husband's job.

I need your guidance though, big time! I don't know anyone there, and being a Mom AND expecting! The first thing that comes to mind is doctors and things that we need! So I wondered if you would be able to advise me on any great recommendations if possible.

*Need highly recommended Pediatrician/Group.

* Family Medicine doctor - for me and my husband.

* Dentist for us as well.

* Hair Salon if possible!

And I was interested in joining the MOM'S CLUB! If anyone knows any information about it :) I joined the Mom's Club where we currently live and it's been the BEST thing that happened to us. We've loved it and we're sad to leave but HOPING Marlton has one!!

We would greatly appreciate any advice/help from you.

Thank you!!!
Andrea  (Also posted on the bump as well...)

Re: Mom's of Marlton Recommendations :)

  • We go to Marlton Pediatrics which is on Rt 73 & Evesham. They are a large but very personal practice. I've liked pretty much every doctor we've seen and you can request a specific one for both well & sick if you feel the need. We usually see Dr. Lampone when we can.

     Family Doctor: We got to Partners in Primary Care, the Marlton office (on Lipincott Drive). We usually see Dr. Pettigrew or Dr. Casey but again, have been happy with anyone we've seen. 

    Dentist: Springdale Family Dental. I don't have any raves about them but they get the job done. Neither of us has had any major dental work so I can't comment on that but for cleanings & xrays, they've been fine. They're on Springdale Rd in Cherry Hill.

    Hair Salon: I work at Tranquility on Rt 73 in Voorhees so I'm biased. I do skin, not hair but I've referred a few people from this board over there and they've all been happy. If you want a specific referral, just tell me about your hair, if you get color too,etc and I'll tell you who you should see :)

    Mom's Group: None that I know of. I wish this board were more active as it would be nice to get a group together every once in a while. My daughter is older but even just for nights out,etc. 

    Welcome to the neighborhood! 

  • I second Marlton Pediatrics.  My favorite doctors so far are Dr. Gordon, Dr. Dorn and Dr. Blackwell.

    50ft referred me to Tranquility and I love it there.  Ashley is my stylist; she's sweet and whenever I tell her what I'm envisioning or what my hair problems are she always has a solution.

    [url=][img][/img][/url] [IMG][/IMG]

    [url=]Also Known As...the Wife[/url][/center]
  • I can't recommend my hairstylist highly enough.  I have been going to MaryKay at Rizzieri on Rt 73 in Marlton for 13 years!  She is the BEST!  Good luck with everything!
  • I don't have any dr. recs. but I just wanted to say I read your story and thought how similar your story is to mine. I have an almost 2 year old, live in cherry hill and have one on the way this spring. I have only lived in NJ a little over 2 years moved here from GA and don't know that many people. PM me if you are ever interested in some sort of playdate :)
    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Hi 1yeartogo, Wow! That's great!  PM me if you can.. I'm not sure how to do that! 

    Thanks for your post too,

  • Hi 50ft, thanks so MUCH for all this great info!  I really appreciate your reply!  I could use a hair recommendation at your salon if possible.  I need someone who's great with color and highlights!  And also does a great simple haircut.  Have medium length hair.  Please advise, thanks again!!! Andrea
  • Hi Erica, Thanks so much for your reply!  I'll check it out!
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