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we found our lost cat, a few questions..


Our cat got out of the house a few weeks ago.  He has always been an inside cat, NEVER been outside and got out of the house about three weeks ago.  We thought someone had picked him up or he got hit by a car.  We were out trick or treating tonight and we found him!  He was VERY skinny and VERY skiddish.  We brought him home and put him in the laundry room with his bed, toys, food, water and litter box.  He ate TONS and has been sleeping since we brought him home.  We are glad to have him home!

Now what???  He is super scared of everything.  I want to check him out to make sure he has no fleas or injuries, and take him to the vet.  I also want to make sure that he will not bite my two kids when he is out and about.  Any suggestions on how to get him re-acquainted with being around the family?  Will he ever adjust to being an inside cat again??

 Any advice would be great!  Thanks!

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Re: we found our lost cat, a few questions..

  • I'm sure he will readjust, he probably just needs some time to rest and get over what happened. I once took in a stray that a neighbor had abandoned when they moved, and the cat did nothing but eat and sleep for at least the first 24 hours. Just leave him be for awhile and let him readjust to the peace =)
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  • That's great that you found him. Ditto what pp said. Just give him some time to rest & relax. He's probably been super stressed for the past 3 weeks. I'd try to get him to the vet ASAP though.
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  • Last winter, after we moved, our cat ran away for almost a month.  He finally found his way home, skinny and scared, just like yours.  He ate so much food at first too.  Within a few weeks, he had put all his weight back on, and was mostly the same.  Within a few months, you would have never known he was lost.  Definitely take him to the vet, and re-acquaint him with the kids slowly, so he's not overwhelmed and acts out.  Good luck, and I'm so happy he came home!!

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  • I'm sure he will be fine.  Heck, several of my cats lived on the street for years before we got them and love being inside cats!  I'd keep him confined to a safe room for a little while then let him out to explore gradually, for example at night when everyone is sleeping.  Make sure to approach him slowly, let him come to you, and reward him with lots of treats, pets and kind words.  You can also try a Feliway diffuser or rescue remedy in his water to take the edge off for awhile while he adjusts.
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