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Pet Birthday Parties....What is too much?

Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays?  Do you have big parties or just buy a pupcake and celebrate as a family.

The reason I ask is that I just won a free 2 hour rental at a venue used specifically for off-leash dog parties.  You can use it without dogs, but I think it would be more fun to have the pups around.

Do I just invite friends with dogs?  Or other friends as well? 

 Would you go to a birthday party for a dog?  Obviously we wouldn't want any gifts (cause that would be ridiculous) and we would supply food and beverages for the 2 hours we are there.

What do you think?

Re: Pet Birthday Parties....What is too much?

  • If it's free, sure why not. I would never pay to rent that out though for my dog's birthday party.
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  • If the idea of holding a birthday party that "grand" for your dog makes you uncomfortable, couldn't you just hold a free, fun play time for your friends' dogs? That would get around the "gift" thing too - no need to say "no gifts".
  • We took Bently to a little party that supported a rescue. There was a costume contest and games for dogs. (We played "musical chairs - dogs walked in a circle and had to sit on a placemat; the last one to sit was out.) There were donated door prizes from local companies, like a free day at day care or a free groom.

    We could have pictures made of the pups in front of a cute little set for $5, and all that went to the rescue.

    If you're not comfortable hosting a party for your dog, what about donating your gift to a rescue you support? Otherwise, a playdate with lots of doggy friends sounds like a lot of fun!

  • We just do something small with DH & I. He thinks it's kind of nuts but horses & dogs get a baked cupcake on their birthday & cats get a can of wet food. Sammy gets a whole cage full of new toys lol

    I think if you have the space, throw a party! Invite everyone, those with dogs...and those without. A lot of people who don't have dogs still LIKE dogs, they just can't have one for whatever reason.


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  • It's not that it makes me uncomfortable, it's just that I don't want to come off as a crazy person (which I could be considered for many other reasons..ha!). 

    I thought about doing a holiday party play date sort of thing or even trying to incorporate a charity rescue into the event (all the proceeds from the raffle went to a charity of my choice and I chose the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue since our baby is a French Bulldog).

    I definitely would like to use it during the winter months so the dogs could get some good exercise and socializing. 

    DH and I love to have and plan parties and this just gave us an excuse to have another one.  Maybe we'll stray away from the birthday party theme and just have a play date sort of thing.

    Thanks ladies! 

  • I like the idea of a holiday party of a party to raise money for charity.  It's a win-win for everyone!  Our dog park is free (it's in a larger community park), but a lot of pet charities host events at/near it. 
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