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DSLR's owners

or basically Amy and Val :)

Where did you guys buy your DSLR from? How about the lenses? Did you buy the stores warranty plan?


Re: DSLR's owners

  • I bought the XT off of ebay, and there was not a warranty. I also bought my telephoto lens off of ebay. I bought my 50mm off of another nestie. She wanted the Nikkon and had just bought the Sony and used it once.

     My next purchase will be an external flash (going to check ebay) and Lightroom.

  • If you don't mind me asking, how much did you save by buying it off of ebay?

    I was reading about lightroom and definitely want to purchase it but since I already have photoshop I am going to wait awhile. Plus I want to get an external hard drive to store all the pics. DH is already complaining about the memory I'm using just with the pics I have right now. And it's only going to get worse once I start experimenting with RAW images and editing.

  • I got a killer deal. I bought the XT and the 18-250mm f/stop 3.5-5 lens together for $600. That lens alone retails for $500.


    I have PS also, but it is too complex for me and much more than what I want to learn. Since Lightroom is geared towards photographers, I really want that for editing.

  • Holy cow that was a steal. DH is so upset, he found out last month DELL was selling the Xti for $399 we just missed the sale. Oh well.

    Did you go through an indepent seller or through an ebay store? If so do you remember which one?

     PS is pretty complicated. I made the mistake of buying it right before DD's bday with the plan of using it for her invites. I was so frustrated I was crying. Here it is a year later and I still haven't had a chance to go back and try to work with it some more.

  • It was from an individual seller, a photographer. That was a great deal on the XTI! I can't wait for my class next week, and the workshop in August. I am totally click happy...


    Also check out Understanding Exposure. It is a very good read and really gives you a better understanding on shooting in Manual mode! The relationship between Aperture, SS, and light (and ISO) is really defined.

  • Yeah we were pretty bummed that we just missed it. I should of told him I wanted the camera sooner. Oh well.

    I will definitely check out that book. I just ordered the book I read about on the Mammarazzi forum the one just for photographing children. Good thing I got a gift certificate to B&N for my bday last month.

    I really wish I could take some classes but I haven't found anything to work with my schedule right now.

  • I also bought a book on photogrpahing children. I also rent many books from the library!
  • First - I'm a Nikon user but I LOVE my 50mm lens.  I was going to buy one off Ebay but would have only saved a few bucks so I bought it new locally.

    My H bought my camera off ebay too. I don't know from who it was a gift. I have bought several lens,my D80 used, lightroom and PS3 off ebay.

    Really loved understanding exposure that Val recommended,and am now working on Betterphoto guide to Digital Photography" one I found through ILP.

  • I'm one of those people that are really hard on my books so I try not to borrow. But I have a couple really good secondhand bookstores I go to. Plus people are always giving my gc to book stores. This way I can mark them them up and write notes in them.

    Also the secondhand shop buys the books back, so if I buy one I didn't really like I just take it back and either get the cash or just store credit for more books. (as long as myself or DD hasn't destroyed it by then)

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