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Dogs and eggs

I've read where some of you give your dogs egg or egg shells.

Can you tell me a little bit more about this? I did quite a bit of baking today (two batches of pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and a strawberry cake) and I used a lot of eggs. Could I have shared the shells with the cats and dogs? 

Would you recommend Napoleon having some egg now and then? We're trying to be creative to feed him so he's full but still losing weight. 

And do you give them raw or boiled?



Re: Dogs and eggs

  • We give Milhouse a raw egg maybe once a week or so.  It's his favorite treat.  But, he's very lean and doesn't gain weight easily, so weight gain isn't a concern for us. 

    We don't give him the shells because honestly, it just never occurred to me.  He is raw fed otherwise.

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  • My vet for indiana said that I should cook the eggs, because it helps them absorb the biotin. She also said you can give them the ground up shells as a source of calcium. 
    The pups!
  • Someone in Pel's past must have given him eggs & eggshells, because he begs for them every time I bake anything. Maybe I'll give him one now.
  • I wouldn't give him just the shell, I'd give him a whole egg every now and then. The cats get one or two raw eggs a week, and the dogs get 3 or so.
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  • I give Dawg the shell...BUT, she doesn't eat the shell.

    She carries it (ever so gently) to her spot in the back yard and licks the bit of raw-goodness out of it.

    And leaves shell behind.

  • We give hard boiled eggs.  In fact, G just got one this past weekend.  They are in infrequent occurance at our house.


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