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New neighbor! Welcome' gift ideas?

My husband and I bought our first home a year ago, we had a baby, blah, blah, blah... The house next door just sold- yay!!! Super excited because they have a baby the same age as ours! Would love to befriend them:). Or just be nice and welcoming anyway. What do you think would be a nice gift or gesture ? Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated! TIA
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Re: New neighbor! Welcome' gift ideas?

  • I usually take a cake. I think any baked goods are great (brownies, cookies, cake, etc), bottle of wine or a potted plant would be nice. Just knock on the door, introduce yourself and give them the gift with a card that includes your names and telephone #. DO NOT GO IN, you are just introducing yourself!!! Ask for their contact info and call them in a week or two.  They just moved in so give them a little time to get settled.
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  • Going along with the previous comment I think baked goods. I have a "breakfast in a box" that I make for favors. It would be perfect for a new neighbor gift. Check it out here. Everyone seems to love the idea!
  • Definitely something edible like pp's are suggesting.
    One thing I also like to do is type up a list of some of my fave local things & info for them so they can get familiar with the area...

    Best coffee shop
    Awesome Breakfast Restaurant
    Farmers Market - Day, time, location
    Best Local Park for Kids
    Great Chinese Food
    Favorite Pizza Parlor
    Closest hospital / Urgent Care
    Killer Ice Cream/ Fro Yo place
    Garbage pick up days
    Street Sweeping Days
    Local Library
    List any neighborhood traditions - Block party, holiday events, group yard sales.
    Babysitters you use with phone number


  • I usually take chocolate chip cookies and a note with our names and number.  JJ has a good list, but that's not necessary in a town our size.  There is no coffee shop and one chinese place.  We do have 2 ice cream shops now.
  • When we moved to a new place a neighbor gave us a welcome basket with the following (they'd met us before we moved in and knew we were living in a fixer upper for a few weeks):

    1. GC to a local delivery place.
    2. Copies of their fav. delivery menus
    3. grab N go snacks
    4. disposable plates/cups/etc.
    5. Card with cell numbers
    6. List of all the tools/lawnmower/etc. that we could use if need be
  • The others' responses may be more applicable to you since you're in a highly populated area.  In my small town, a loaf of banana bread and a friendly 30 minute chat are the way to go :) 

  • image TarHeels&Rebels:

    The others' responses may be more applicable to you since you're in a highly populated area.  In my small town, a loaf of banana bread and a friendly 30 minute chat are the way to go :) 

    If you've never done it, a cup of chocolate chips in a loaf of banana bread is awesome.  I've eaten a half a loaf myself this week.

  • image 6fsn:
    We do have 2 ice cream shops now.



  • I love the list idea.  A GC to local shop is a great idea and would avoid any food issues they might have.
  • these ideas are so fun and nice! i would like to move in next to all of you! 
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  • I agree with pp about avoiding the food--for most people, it's wonderful and so appreciated, but there are those few that have gluten intolerance or allergies or something.  I think a gift card and nice note or conversation would be great.  I wish my neighbors had done something for us when we moved in!
  • I would give a gift card to a home repair place, or a restaurant. I'd stay away from food in case they have allergies, and the same with flowers
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  • I usually bring over cookie gift baskets for new neighbors. Delivering a gift is a great excuse to introduce yourself and get to know them.
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