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Im planning a Thanx-mas party!

It's the first ever dinner party ive ever planned. Im going to make a thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings and decorate the house like christmas. We may also play some christmas movies. We're still unsure about that. Has anyone else planned a thanx-mas party? If so got any advice, ideas?

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Re: Im planning a Thanx-mas party!

  • I've never heard of a Thanx-mas party.  Is this a party-party, like with friends and on a random weekend?  Or is this taking the place of the real holidays?
  • This is a dinner party. It's just a way for friends/family to get to eat, drink and have fun. It is usually planned ahead of time and it will not take place of any holiday

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  • I'll be honest. This just sounds a little weird to me. Maybe I'm just not getting it.Is this going to be held during the holiday season? Why not just have a Christmas themed party. I love me some Thanksgiving, but really once a year is enough for me. 
  • I've never been to nor heard of a Thanx-mas party. Like the others, I'm trying to understand. Is the group of people coming a group that normally doesn't do holidays together, like friends, or parts of the family that go different ways during holidays - to in-laws, perhaps?

    If you're trying to substitute a normal holiday gathering, because of timing or what-not, specify that on your invite. My friends and I do a Christmas dinner every year before the holiday. It's when we exchange gifts. We have a "traditional" Christmas dinner, sit around the table, have Christmas music playing, etc. You might also want to consider activites you normally do for holidays, such as having each person say one thing they're thankful for (Thanksgiving) or opening small gifts or something.

    If you just want to do a dinner party (where you serve a large turkey), I would drop the "Thanx-mas" party name (unless this is common where you are) and just call it a holiday dinner party. Smile 

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  • I'm going to guess this is a group of people (probably friends) who all have their own family holiday traditions and this is the way to celebrate the holiday season with them without interfering with their family stuff.  We do the same thing only we call is "Friendsgiving" and I host it a week or two before Thanksgiving.  I try to make the meal different from a traditional Thanksgiving meal by putting a theme on it.  This year, we have a picnic spin.  Last year was all seasonal foods and the year before was Tuscan.  It keeps it from just being another standard turkey meal that everyone is just going to have in another week or so.

    Here's the thing: this is a big meal to plan for your first dinner party.  Stick to tried and true recipes and plan WAY in advance.  Decorate and set your table up to a week ahead of time (watch the safety and cleanliness of tablesettings if you have small kids or pets).  Pick a menu where at least half the items can be made ahead of time and don't plan more than one thing that needs to be finished right before you serve it (like fried or pan-seared stuff).  Plan your turkey or other protein timing perfectly and maybe give it a trial run or have a back-up in case something goes very wrong.  Have beer, wine and a signature drink ready to go when people walk in the door.  If they offer to bring something, let them.  A few parties from now you can do it all alone but this is a big one to tackle for a beginner.

    Mostly, just make it fun.  Ours has turned into a tradition that everyone looks forward to and hopefully yours will too.


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