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I've got a hosting gig in two weeks

There are a 3 other stay at home moms in my neighborhood.  I've had one over for dinner and the other 2 are sort of just chat a few as we walk.  DH's company just hired a bunch of new people and one's wife stays home.  Soooo in 2 weeks I'll be hosting 4 moms, 3 one year olds, two 3 year olds and one 4 year old (and my 6 month old).  What have I done? 

It's from 10-12, but I'm thinking about extending it and doing lunch too.  I was thinking chili, grilled cheese, and applesauce but that doesn't sound very well rounded. 

If it's nice we'll be outside on the swings, sandbox, and riding toys.  If it rains I was thinking coloring stuff on the screened in porch?  If it's really nasty we can do crafts in the basement.  Does anyone have a cheap and simple (nonmessy) craft?

Re: I've got a hosting gig in two weeks

  • I think two hours is plenty.  We have been going to playgroup since my 5 year old son was 8 months old.  The kids really only last for two hours before they are ready to leave, especially 1 year olds.

    Maybe just put out some fruit with a fruit dip (beat a jar of Marshmallow Puff and cream cheese together--to die for), some sandwiches for moms and turkey/ham and cheese roll ups for the kiddos along with goldfish.  Add in some juices and you have an easy, quick meal.

    As far as a craft, I would keep it simple with that age rangs of kids.  Maybe buy some foam visors or foam frames.  Have them decorate it with those foam stickers.  Then, just let them play with your kid's toys.

  • Hi!  Hope all is well in your world BTW.  I attend an organized "Play Group" at my IL's Church School every week.  It's really great for the kids! 

    I've also hosted a few in our home... re: craft - I agree with PP re: foam frames with stickers.  Or maybe pumpkin decorating?  I need more info. about the best way to set that up but am considering it for my girl's party soon.  If I find some I'll pass it along.

    Also - what happens to me when I attend "play dates" in other people's home with my children is that they are so entertained by different toys that they behave wonderfully - not as well when other children come to play with theirs.  They are bored with their own toys and sometimes worried that other kids are going to take them home with them!  So... if it is really important to you that your kids behave well I would have some "new" or "freshly borrowed" things for them to play with too.


  • My mom group usually does 10-12 then most people eat lunches they brought.  I guess that's why I was thinking lunch.  I've never actually had one/been to one in a home.  I just wanted to get the neighbors together for once.  We all say hi, but nobody breaks through to be friends.  I think we could all use it too.

    I like the sticker idea.  I wonder if they would stick to little pumpkins.   My kid plays really well with his cousins, so I never considered that.  Hmmmm

     I don't care if people stay, just thought it would be a nice option to offer lunch.  I'll think on it.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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