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Dakota Woods or Kaposia dog park

Has anyone been to either of these dog parks or another one in the SE suburbs? Is there a day/time that's less busy than other times? 

I need to take our foster dog, which I am totally dreading.  I'm worried about it because of other dog park posts on here and because I have no idea how he's going to do.....if he'll take off, if he'll want to play with other dogs who don't want to play with him, etc. 

Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.

Re: Dakota Woods or Kaposia dog park

  • We've taken our Corgi, Lucy to Dakota Woods as it's near our house.  We've always had pretty good experiences.  The other people are very nice and it's fun to chat.  We mostly walk the trails because our dog is a bit aloof to other dogs but it's nice to have her off leash and free to explore.  There also isn't water there which was a bonus for us.  It's all fenced so the dogs really can't escape.
  • Kaposia requires an annual user permit but we've taken our dog there pre-permit requirement and enjoyed it. It is basically a big fenced in field so there isn't as much to do as some other places we've gone.  There is a lot more ball/frisbee/other retrievable toy stealing because the dogs can all see eachother though!  We've gone to a couple and my favorite has been Battle Creek - not exactly south metro though!
  • We just got back from Dakota Woods and Jackson loved it.  He did really well and didn't wander off too far, came back when I called him and generally was a good boy.  We mostly walked the hiking trails and he loved sniffing everything.  By the time we got back to the open area to play with other dogs, he was beat and just wanted to lay there so we left. 

    I'm so relieved I didn't have to run after him!  

    Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.
  • Glad you enjoyed it!

    We got to Dakota Woods as it's close to our place AND we really like it. It does require a yearly permit ($42) or a daily permit that you can pay there with a pay box ($5). Make sure you have one of those permits because officers come by often and they will ticket. I've heard the ticket is something like $150. I don't get why some people don't just buy a permit but whatever.

    I was going to tell you all about why we like it, but now that you've been there I don't need to. Smile I love going weekday mornings. I have summers off and so I bring the girls a lot then and it's a whole different type of crowd and you really get to know the regulars. Evenings and weekends are nice too though and during the school year that's when we go.

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  • I got the daily permit, which was a joy trying to write on the little piece of paper with wind and 115 lbs. of dog pulling to play!  Someone is meeting Jackson this week and if she doesn't adopt him, I think we'll get the annual permit.  He loved it so much and it was nice not having to worry about him walking on a leash. 
    Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.
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