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Have a dual party or 2 parties for my son and husband?

I have an almost 2 year old who will have a birthday on September 22 and my husband will be 35 on October 8. His parents have a camp in the Adirondecks that is about one hour away where we have a fair amount of friends and a lot of sleeping area. In passing, I know he would love it if all of his friends came out for his birthday, but I think if I asked him he would think it was too much and not want to do it.

 So, I was thinking about having a surpise birthday party for him. I was thinking about doing it earlier than his actual birthday as his parents couldn't make it that weekend and who knows what the weather would do. As of right now, the best weekend for everyone is September 17. I was planning to have a birthday party for my son the next weekend. So, I was contemplating having a birthday party for both of them on that day and the surpise being that it is for Ryan too and have all of his friends come and spend the whole day back at camp. We don't have a huge family and Reilly is 2, so only have a few friends from the area we would invite.

So, do you think that would be cheesy? Smart? Stupid? Thanks for your thoughts.


Re: Have a dual party or 2 parties for my son and husband?

  • My only thought is that a 2 yo party is a lot different from a 35 yo's bday party.
  • tibulitibuli member
    Well, I was pretty much just planning to have everyone just come with their kids and chill. We have a lot of friends with families, so either way, his party would mainly involve hanging around as the kids enjoy the yard.
  • In that case go for it!  I didn't quite know what the logistics were. 
  • I'd do it but since it's an overnighter, do the kid thing during the day--games, balloons, cake, etc.  Then, do the grown-up party at night--beers, music, etc.  I think it makes a lot of sense.
  • We rarely celebrate actual birthdays on "the" day. If you want to celebrate both with family, that works. I would have a second one for your son closer to his actual birthday with friends.
  • DO It!! That sounds soo fun!!
  • Another vote for a dual party! I can definitely see combining a 2 year old and 35 year old party - Everybody comes over for outdoor activities (washer toss, ladder ball and the like) and have food and drinks. We always have beer and wine at kids' parties anyway in my family. The more the merrier, in my mind.

    You know your group best, though. And if the people you would be inviting for your husband's party are expecting crazy beer bong, body shots etc. maybe keep them separate.

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