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Wedding presents (gift cards) found

Hey girls,

   When we we moving into our house in January, I packed up my desk in a few boxes.  I hadn't unpacked one last box and would just go get things out of it when I needed it.  Well in the box in some hanging file folders, I found my shower gifts list, receipts, and several gift cards.  There are 4 to Macys, one to JC Penney's, one to the Cheesecake Factory, and one to Pier 1.  I had gotten another Pier 1 one in June and searched for this one and couldn't find it.  I also knew I had not used the Cheesecake Factory one but couldn't find it when I met friends for dinner there in Feb.  None of them say the balance decreases after a certain amount of time so I am going to check and see.  I tried to check on the Macy's website but that part of it is down so I will have to call.  Hopefully, they are all still good!!!!  We could've used the Macy's ones when we bought DH a suit there in Feb.  (We weren't registered at Macy's, but got several gift cards for there anyway.) Looks like I can maybe get some new clothes for work this year!  It is funny timing since today is one year and one week since our wedding and last night we watched our wedding video which we hadn't watched since we got it in Sept!!! 

Re: Wedding presents (gift cards) found

  • that's a nice surprise!!! hopefully they all still hold full value
  • It's like finding money - and I sure do like finding money.

    Enjoy spending the cards!! 


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  • What a great surprise- its like brand new gifts!  Hope none of the balances have decreased- I don't think Macys normally does.
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  • Nice find! I'm pretty sure all store gift cards retain their value - I've never heard of one decreasing (except for the generic Visa/Amex cards). I know your Macy's card will still be good - I had one for over a year and it still had full value.
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  • Woohoo! Glad you found them =) Hopefully they still work!!
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