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Expedition Impossible: Anyone else watch this?

I caught up on the last few weeks last night as I was home sick.  I had a hard time getting into it prior to this and had 4 weeks to watch...by the end of it I was really connecting with some of the teams and even got teary eyed...lol. No Limits is incredible...the Gypsies are amazingly giving people and those NY Firemen - I just wanted to hug them! Ugh! to the sister in Fab 3...what a biotch.

Anyone else following this show?

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Re: Expedition Impossible: Anyone else watch this?

  • We really like this show. I love that its really focused on the challenges and there is really minimal verbal drama....which turns me off of other shows similar to it like Survivor.
    Fab 3 is the only team that just irks me too.

    No Limits is absolutely incredible. 

    One of the football players was saying he has played with some of the best football players ever like Jerry Rice and Dion Sanders. He said hands down Erik the blind guy is the best athlete he has ever seen because he is doing everything in the dark. It was a really heartfelt comment and made me like the show even more.

    I really want the Gypsies to win.

  • LOVE this show.  Of course, I want the Gypsies to win- they're just so likeable, it would be hard to root against them. 


  • Love the gypsies.  I want to hang out with them.  They are just incredible.

     Also love No Limits.

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  • image JessicaLovesBrian:

    Love the gypsies.  I want to hang out with them.  They are just incredible.

     Also love No Limits.

    either team deserves it

  • Oh and I seriously feel so bad for the big boys (football players and counrty boys) every time they have to use kayaks.
    That time when they had to kayak in a foot of water....seriously??
    That was just upsetting and frustrating to watch.
    I cracked up when the skinny gypsy boys just paddled right past them.


  • I love the Gypsies and No Limits. I also really like California Girls and liked Team Kansas- they're tough ladies.

    I think AJ on Fab 3 is horribly annoying and cocky. His sister doesn't bother me much.

    It's funny how the third member of most teams is rarely shown- the dark haired guy on No Limits, the blond Gypsy, the Fab 3 guy with the bad knee.

    I really want to go to Morocco!

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