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Big Brother - who do you think is going home tonight?

Is it just me or is this season kind of lame.  It seems ALL they talk about is strategy.  Nothing else!  I don't remember it that way in past seasons, like they never have fun or talk about themselves.

Re: Big Brother - who do you think is going home tonight?

  • I think Dominic will go home.

    As for all the strategy talk, I've felt this way every season (ok, maybe a little more this season) but I've always watched BBAD and felt that it was a totally different show because you do get to see them talking about other things, hanging out, etc. Sometimes its painfully boring but I always like to see them unedited and trying to pass the time.

    I watch the CBS show to see the comps and that's about it!

    ETA- All the golden keys have made it more boring than the producers probably expected as well. And the lack of a showmance!

  • This season has been kind of boring. Last night's episode was good. I think the pair thing is the problem since people are nominated together - there's only so many options (including replacement nominees). Perhaps the new twist tonight will improve the show. I think Dominic will go home tonight.
  • I am very excited to see what happens when everyone can play and be nominated!
  • The producers set it up to be super boring for these first few weeks.  First, they brought back alums- some wayyy too soon (Brenchel), then they have to play as duos, then the loss of Evel D, then the golden key- the possible nominees were dwindling so quickly. 

    Also, the editing this year is pretty bad.  ALL we see is strategy talk.  I love seeing all of the dumb stuff they do to entertain themselves while trapped in the house.  I hope it gets better now that the golden key stuff is over.

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