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SYTYCD 7/28...Spoilers

You guys really had me thinking Ricky was going home, but my predictions were spot on! I think it was absolutely the right choice.  

I really think most of America is voting for Tadd's abs rather than his actual dance abilities. I'm hoping final two guys are Marko and Ricky.

Were you shocked at the results? 

Re: SYTYCD 7/28...Spoilers

  • I wasn't shocked at all.  I thought it might be Ricky, but feel Jess was the right choice.  And I like Caitlynn over Jordan (though I liked her too), so I'm satisfied with the results.  

    I was thoroughly bored with Lady Gaga's performance. 

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  • I didn't realize that they were letting two go again today.  Except for a few of the dancers, I've been a bit disappointed all around this year.  The choreography just doesn't seem to be nearly as strong as in the past years.  There have been a few numbers lately that I have thought were downright bad.  I knew that Mia wasn't going to be back this year, but it seems like a number of the other choreographers who did great pieces are missing as well.
  • Not shocked. I'm glad Jess is gone.

    I would have preferred to have had Jordan stay but its ok. 


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  • Glad Jordan is gone...she did the same "sexy" faced routine every week. LOL


    Jess was better than Ricky in dance ability but not in personality so either worked for me.

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  • Well, my prediction was wrong, but I'm not shocked.  I mean, let's face it, none of them were gonna win.  I'm glad they decided to go with what the votes reflected - it seemed the most fair.

    I guess everyone else was tired of Jordan's same-old-thing too, LOL.

    On a positive note, that group performance was gorgeous.  My favorite so far.  I've noticed that Tyce has upped his game since he got called out for subpar choreography (was that JTF or NPH?).  Maybe the others will start upping their games now too.

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  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    image MaryKatie3:

    Glad Jordan is gone...she did the same "sexy" faced routine every week. LOL


    Jess was better than Ricky in dance ability but not in personality so either worked for me.

    Completely agree. I'm hoping Caitlyn steps it up next week and lets go of the "proper" dancer thing. She needs to let loose!

    I don't think Ricky is Top 4 material, so I hope he is next!

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  • I think they made the right choices based on what they were dealt, but I cannot believe that many people voted for Ricky. He was weak and it was his time to go.
  • I thought Tadd's solo was stronger than Jess's, so I was not surprised that he was the one that was saved over Jess. However, I sort of expected the bottom two to be Ricky and Jess, instead of Tadd and Jess.

    For the girls, I felt neutrally about both of them and didn't care which one went home. I think that Sasha and Melanie are clearly on a different level, so it was not surprising at all who was in the bottom two there.

    Gaga was fine, but she definitely sounds more polished after her studio edits! 

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  • I was pleased with the girl result, but neither guy result would have made me happy. I like both of them! I was hoping Ricky would have been eliminated this week.
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  • I saw in some tvline recap comments that some people would have liked both girls to go home instead of either Jess or Tadd. I would have been cool with that result, since I think either Jess or Tadd would have had a better shot at being America's favorite dancer than Jordan or Caitlyn.
  • eh I was fine with the results, I did start to like Jess a little more but was still glad to see him go. I really liked the opening number and the guest group dance, they were really good, GaGa's performance I did not even pay much attention to
  • Here's some info I just came across about the judges, all stars and special guests for next week.
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