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Dog Kennels/boarding

I know this is way far in advance but Brad and I are working on our holiday plans and need a kennel to board Lucy this year.My father's dogs don't play well with others and since this is our first holiday with her we've never had to board her before.

Do any of you have one that you like or have heard good things about? We live in Irving and would like to stay in the Irving/Grapevine/Southlake area. Ideally we'd check her in on Thanksgiving Thursday and then pick her up Friday afternoon/evening.

Any suggestions would be great.

Re: Dog Kennels/boarding

  • Have you looked into the pet hotels at some of the PetSmarts?  We normally take Gypsy there and they love her.  

    We did the vet once, but I made the mistake of listening to them when they said no need to bring her food and she got sick on the food change. For a couple of trips we've been lucky to be able to leave her with some of our friends that have a couple of dogs and she really loves that.

  • We boarded our dogs here last summer and liked it a lot.  I don't know if your dog is social, but ours are, so I liked that this place gives them play time with others.
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  • The PetSmart in Southlake is awesome. Best one in the area. Just note though that PetSmart fills up FAST for the holidays.

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  • image lesalyric:
    The PetSmart in Southlake is awesome. Best one in the area. Just note though that PetSmart fills up FAST for the holidays.

    Leslie, we had heard that they fill up fast and that's the main reason we're thinking/planning now. We'd hate to have to stay home because we couldn't find a place to board her.

    Lucy is very sociable to hopefully she'll be ok anywhere.

  • How big is Lucy?  If she is a smaller dog my mom and older sister take their dogs to a lady that has a "dogcare" at her house.  She has several acres and is amazing with the dogs.  My mom's dog is not social and is quite "sassy" for a dog and she absolutly loves this lady.  My mom has to spell her name around the dog or she goes nuts thinking she is going to go play.  She has turned a room (I think an old garage) into the dog room and has more toys, pillows, and places to lounge then I have ever seen.  She has a really nice size yard and even has horses and a donkey that the dogs can see.  My mom's dog's BFF is now the donkey and they just sit there at the fence and stare at each other all day and then run the fence line together. 

    Her name is Susan and she is in Keller but she is very worth the little extra drive.  If you want her info I'll get it from my mom.

    If she is a bigger dog I recommend PetSmart in Southlake also.  We take the dogs there to get groomed and they are best PetSmart we have found in the area.

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  • My friend takes hers to Camp Bow Wow in Lewisville, but it looks like there is one in Irving too.

    They even have cameras on the "playgrounds" so you can check in on your dog from time to time.


  • Dana,

    Lucy is 37 lbs. so I guess that's considered a medium to large dog. Would she be too big for your lady in Keller?

    Tiffany, thanks for that suggestion. Kendall just suggested that same place!


  • I hear a lot of good things about Camp Bow Wow. 
  • Sadly yes.  She wouldn't take our 33lbs Border Collie.  Said she is for small breeds.  My mom has a Schnauzer and my sister has a Yorkie.  Sorry!  I wish she took bigger dogs but I guess she started with so many small dogs she is worried about bringing "big" dogs in.  I understand though.  Good luck finding a place!

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  • msealemseale member
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    My vet does boarding, has a play area out back for them to run around in and an awesome staff.  I think there are cameras too.  I've never used for boarding (I'm lucky my mom takes mine), but my rescue group uses him when we are short on fosters too.


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  • We trust Pete and Mac's with our dogs lives. There's one in Las Colinas and one in Plano. They are amazing.
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