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Another pet question...

So, have any of you ever had a dog that had seizures?  Crispin just had one - his fourth that we're aware of, and 3 of them have all been in the last couple of months.  I've been trying to figure out what might be triggering them, but can't think of anything common to all four situations.

1.  Last August, he was at the deer lease with DH, and he dropped a pipe near him, and then he yelped, ran a bit, and then seized.  DH said the pipe didn't hit him though, so we were thinking maybe it just scared him really bad.

2.  Earlier this summer, he had fever from his annual shots, and seized during the night - we think from being too bundled in the covers and it just got his body temp up too high.

3.  Also earlier this summer, he was alseep on the back of the couch, and fell off (onto the couch, then the floor), and then started to seize.  He landed on his feet, so we don't think he was injured.

4.  He seized just now.  Earlier we were playing and he got excited and ran into a wall (he was looking back at me and running) but seemed fine afterward, but then a couple hours later he seized.  He stopped as soon as I carried him in front of a fan.

We talked to the vet about it after his shots (and told her it wasn't his first) but she said they don't do medication unless they have them several times a day.  Any other ideas?

Re: Another pet question...

  • I'm so sorry Crispin is having to go through this.  I don't know much about how to handle seizures.  My friend's dog has seizures, but he's medicated daily to keep them from happening.  Is it possible to get a second opinion regarding medication from another vet?

  • I'm sorry to hear about your baby :(  It sounds like by getting overstimulated, seizures are triggerd.  My step-mom had a dog that had some form of doggie-epilepsy, and was on a strict medication schedule.  She decided to change his diet to see if that helped at all, and it did.  She switched him to holistic (I think that's what they call it) or basically all-natural, grain-free diet.  She said that really helped him, and he's on much less medication (if any) today.  I agree with serlace in seeking a second opinion from another vet to see what they think.  I hope he gets better!



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    Definitely get a second opinion.  However, if it is only happening every few months, I would hesitate to give any medication.  Are the seizures grand mal (loose control of bodily fluids when he seizes) or not? 

    I had a foster dog that had grand mal seizures, and she had to be medicated at exact times twice a day to limit her seizures to "mal" seizures.  

    If it is infrequent, and not grand mal, I think it is something to just monitor.  But, I am not a vet, so getting a second opinion and then relying on the vet you trust most is best.

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  • He doesn't lose control of his bladder/bowels - he just kind of collapses and shakes and his muscles are really stiff, and his eyes look spacey.  So does that mean they're just "mal" seizures?  I've been reading up on Dr. Google.  Also, the vet had told us that since they were infrequent, we shouldn't medicate because the side effects would be worse than a rare seizure now and then. 

    I hate vet shopping :(

  • Grand Mal just means that the seizure is a general, all body seizure instead of a localized one where just a certain part of their body seizes up. They may or may not loose control of their bowel or bladder. That doesn't classify it as a grand mal.

    OP: Sorry I don't know more about dogs & seizures. If it was a person they would automatically put them on meds no matter how infrequent they are. I would try an all natural, grain free diet too. I'm a huge promoter of high quality dog foods. Most of the food sold in pets store is horrible, basically just junk food. I like to check out foods on dogfoodanalysis.com. We use Taste of the Wild, but there are many other great quality foods such as Wellness, Innova, and Orijen.

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