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Your strangest beliefs...


Re: Your strangest beliefs...

  • Lacey, my CW that I mentioned has boxers.  She is convinced her BF has come back a few times since the suicide--she says the dogs act very weird and one of them hides.

  • Your dogs actually hide?  Yikes! 

    I think I told this on TK once, but my Dad used to have a Harley and he worked 2nd shift at the time.  He rode home from work one night and the moonlight caught his ring (my grandfathers relatively plain gold wedding band) and flashed in his eye.    He was so struck by it that he went back down the road and tried to recreate it and couldn't...

    So he continued on down the highway and felt weight on the back of his bike and someone holding on to him... like they were riding with him. 

    My Dad is super rational and doesn't buy into any of this stuff...but he still talks about when that happened.  Him and my g-pa were super close and always worked on bikes, boats, cars, dune buggys, etc together. 

  • I believe in messages as well.  Before she died, I dreamed that my mother was trying to show me where she hid something.  She just kept telling me "You know where it is."  I don't know what she was trying to show me and I guess I never will because I did go looking there and there didn't seem to be anything that I wouldn't have known about before.

    I also believe that since I am a scorpio and was born during the year of the Tiger, it has doubled all those typical traits (possessive, loyal to a fault, etc). 

  • Most of my older family members smoked and there have been times where I swear I have smelled their specific brand of cigarettes.  I swear it.
  • image serlace:

    I have chills from reading all your stories.  I'm also on the verge of tears for a couple of them (Brianna).

    I did cry reading about the kids hearing/seeing things earlier. It makes me feel like maybe my FIL will know my kids, and maybe they'll know him too.

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