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Alzheimers care in Austin area

We are researching facilities for my grandfather.  Does anyone have recommendations (or warnings) for local facilities? 

Re: Alzheimers care in Austin area

  • sorry i don't have recs. i just wanted to say i'm sorry your grandfather has alzheimers Sad
  • I am currently researching nursing homes. 
    My MIL has a friend who works at a facility that is brand new off 1626.  She says it is top notch w/ all brand new state of the art equipment.  i.e Beds that sound alarms when people get up in the middle of the night, etc.
    I know the most important thing to look for is location to family (b/c then they know you will be in often to check up on them) so I don't know if that would be convenient for you or your family.
    They are also supposed to open a new wing with more beds in December.
    I don't know the name of the place but if you want it I will get it for you.
    Are you using the states website w/ rankings to look into the facilities you are interested in?

    DO NOT go to Marbridge Gardens.  It is super depressing.
  • there are a few I can recommend just based on visiting DH's grandmother. I'm not sure of their Alzheimers care though.

    Brighton Gardens, Parmer Woods, Vista Oaks

    Not recommended: Monte Siesta (DH's grandmother experience) & West Oaks (deal with them through our patients)

  • First, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. My grandmother had Alzheimers and it's a horrible disease for everyone to deal with.

    I don't have any personal suggestions, but I noticed that a new Alzheimers home is being built is San Marcos on the I-35 access road.
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  • My friend used to work at one in Round Rock, she worked there for several years and really seemed to like it.  I have actually only been there once to pick her up for lunch, so I do not know much about it but it looked nice and clean.

    I would say I would have her email you, but I do not keep in touch with her anymore unfortunately.  :(

    Sorry about you grandfather.

  • First, I'm so sorry about your grandfather. ?

    My mother works for Austin Lakes Hospital (formerly St. David's Pavilion-- but is still located at the central St. David's site.) ?They are a psychiatric facility that specializes in geriatric and adult psychiatry. ?They would not be helpful for long-term treatment or assisted living, but they can evaluate him and assist with placement in a nursing facility. ?

    That means a psychiatrist would be in charge of his care and would place him on the right meds, etc. ?Then they would help you find him the facility that will best suit his needs, depending on his stage or degree of illness. ?

    They are the only facility that does short term, acute psychiatric care and cognitive therapy for patients with?Alzheimer's?and dementia. ?Once he's in a nursing facility-- ?if he should ever become confused, combative, etc. they can help. ?

    Good luck and hugs to you. ??

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