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Hilarious kitty story

Whenever we finish a 24 pack of Coke, we just toss the empty box on the ground for the kitties to play with for a while. Leo especially loves slithering in the box and hiding, sticking a paw to whack his brothers when they walk by.

I guess the opening wasn't as large as it usually was, because Napoleon got stuck. He got his front half in there, got his tummy pooch in there, and that was it. Just his butt and back legs were hanging outside the box.

Of course, Bently thought this was interesting. He's nice enough, just licking Napoleon's feet. I guess this tickles Napoleon, because he's kicking his feet, trying to make it stop. Bently is encouraged by this and keeps licking.

The whole time, Leo is perched on the table above them, taking it all in. I swear he was laughing.

DH is able to regain his composure enough to rescue his kitty, who was a bit stressed out and highly embarrassed. He's not the most graceful creature, but he can usually play missteps off like it was intended. No luck this time. 

And of course, no one thought to grab a camera.


Re: Hilarious kitty story

  • It sound like a good time was had by all :)
  • Okay, that's hilarious. I'm sitting here dying of laughter. I wish you guys had grabbed a video camera!
    ~*~formerly SummerSweethearts2010~*~
    Shy & Zeus
  • image SummerSweeties:
    Okay, that's hilarious. I'm sitting here dying of laughter. I wish you guys had grabbed a video camera!

    I know! It would have gone viral. It was insane.

  • I'm pretty sure I would have just laughed for a while, then "rescued" the cat.  My cats normally try to play embarrassing things off too lol.
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