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NPR T&Ps Please/vent

I know I have been T&P whore lately...

MH works for the electric company doing the construction stuff-climbing the power lines,  connecting the power and building transformers and stuff.  He's in his apprenticeship, so he doesn't work on the super high ampage/voltage, but he work with the secondary wires.

I just got a call from him saying he's ok, but he's on his way to the hospital because when he was working on the secondaries two lines touched and stayed connected creating a ball of fire that kept flashing.  He sounded pretty ragged and I guess he is really red from it.  He said he is just getting checked out as a precautionary.  I am just sick from it.  Then on top of it, there will be an investigation since he was "injured" and he will more than likely be given time off w/o pay.

What really pisses me off is he worked until 1 am this morning.  We live an hour and a half away so he got home at around 2.  The rules for his work is if they don't work a 24 hour shift, they have to be back in 8 hours from when they clocked out.  So with his drive time, the time he took to shower before going to bed and getting up this morning to go back to work he only had about a 4 hour break.  When he called me he was in hour 12 of his work day today.  I know it's his job and that he knows what it entails but it makes me mad when they force him to work when he's overly tired.  Plus, it's about 110 out right now so he's been in the scorching heat all day.  Ugh this whole situation just makes me so sad.

 I was never really comfortable with his job, but its good money and I know he's careful.  But you never know...I guess I should be thankful it was not more serious. 

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Re: NPR T&Ps Please/vent

  • Sending lots of T&P!!!
  • How scary and many prayers for him tonight.

    Our greeting everyday at the beach. My two boys.


    RUN FREE SWEET BOY RUN FREE gotcha day 12/272009 -11/11/2010

  • That's very scary; sending lots of T&P your way. I'm glad he's okay, it could have been so much worse. 
    ~*~formerly SummerSweethearts2010~*~
    Shy & Zeus
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