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For all you HR folks...

H has decided to job hunt...he hasn't updated his resume in 3 years (he added his current job stuff but his objective isn't good and i'm not sure on a lot of things). would anyone be interested in reading through it and giving some pointers? he's a staff accountant if it matters.

i do have one specific question too...when you're looking for a job while you have one and you list your job duties/skills as current items (present tense) is it then wierd/wrong to refer to your past job duties/skills in the past tense on the same document?

anyway...much love to whomever wants to take this on :)

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Re: For all you HR folks...

  • Don't quote me on this, but I remember reading or hearing somewhere that using an objective on a resume is outdated and can look kind of bad.  Is that right?  Totally don't listen to me cause hell if I know - I am a SAHM who hasn't held a job in a year and looking for part-time work and having zero luck.  LOL


    ETA:  and what I mean is that you should use a cover letter to really express your objective, why you're interested in that job, highlight your specific achievements or attributes specific to THAT job/field.

  • I'm also heard that objectives are kind of dated since the objective is to get the job.

    I also always put my current stuff in present tense and the others in past. I'm happy to look at it, but I'm not sure if I'll get to it today. Feel free to email it to me. I'll send you my address. 

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  • I agree as much as cover letters are a pita I would recommend that and prefer that (I used to staff for a few places) and just do a summary of qualifications.

    As far as current or past tense. I would do past in the summary of qual, but you could do current when in the actual specific job description or past.


    I can look it over if you'd like. 

  • super ughhh!  nest just ate my reply post....m-effer.

    anyway, i had some ex's & everything!!!, but now i'm i'll just give you the cliff's notes version of my ill fated post.

    I agree with PP - Yes, I think it's okay to use present & past tense in a resume.

    A good cover letter should be all you need and can skip the objective all together.  but whatever you decide to go with, make sure to tweak it to make it specific to each job.  sounds common sense i know....but i've seen some doozies....where i'm like "really!!?!".... I see...and you actually want this job?" 

    I can take a look at the resume too if you would like me to....

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