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Anyone else had troubles with fleas? Both my dogs are on Frontline, but I recently had a friend come stay with us and she had two dogs. Pretty sure they brought fleas along with them. No 

The problem isn't out of control yet, but obviously I'd like to nip it before it does. We're thinking about doing flea bombs in the house, but then what about the ones that are still living on the dogs? I don't want them to jump off and lay new eggs. Is it safe to give a bath with flea shampoo even while they're on Frontline? How did you get rid of fleas?!

Re: Fleas!!

  • Yeah, FL Plus stopped working for us last summer!

    I gave capstar during a huge problem last summer. 

    Now mine takes Comfortis. I'm not a huge fan of flea bombs because of the chemicals. I did vacuum daily with borax powder and laundered everything that wasn't upholstered or nailed down. 

  • When we dealt with fleas on our dogs if they were small enough we would soak them in the sink or tub. I don't know if you can "drown" fleas but it help us see so we could pick off as many as possible when we would dry them off and for the short haired dogs a going over with a flea comb. We never did a shampoo on top of dips or frontline but I don't know if there was a reason.


    We never used flea bombs either. We did use some sort of frontline or something around window sills and doorways but our fleas were local. I agree with the vacuuming and laundering.

  • Don't use Flea shampoo. 1 - it doesn't always work. 2 - the chemicals can be harmful. Instead use Dawn dish soap. Also don't use a flea bomb. Call your vet and ask if the have Knockout Spray. I got that from my vet last summer and it works wonders! You vacuum your carpet then spray the knockout let it sit then vacuum again. You have to do it a few times but it is non-hazardous to the animals once it is down. It not only kills the fleas but their eggs as well i believe. My vet recommended it.

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