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Any Cholesterol Reducing Tips?

My cholesterol is higher that it should be and I'd like to reduce it.

After I get the ok to start exercising again - do I really have to wait on my 6-8 week appointment? - I will be working my butt off to lose this excess weight.

I plan on eating more oatmeal for breakfasts. I never eat it plain so options like walnuts will help reduce my number too.

I know that I should add more fish, but it seems to be a more expensive protein option; any tips on what types to buy that won't break the budget? 

Does anyone use egg substitute? What type is best?

What other tips do you have for me?

Re: Any Cholesterol Reducing Tips?

  • At what point were you tested? I'm just asking because, during pregnancy, your cholesterol is much, much higher than normal. Once you have the baby and stop BFing it goes way down.

    I really would wait for your 6 wk appointment. There's a lot of internal healing that needs to take place and you don't want to begin bleeding heavier from the additional blood flow. You also might want to wait a good 6-8 weeks for your milk supply to really stabilize before beginning an exercise routine. 

    Pretty much all of the egg subs taste the same. I've tried most of them. We like the flavored ones too. 

    Basically just increase your fiber intake. It will bind with the cholesterol and flush it out. Leafy greens, oatmeal, blueberries, apples, whole grains in general. You can add benefiber to things without changing the taste. 

    (I use fiber to stabilize blood sugars but they do the same with cholesterol.) 

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  • Pretty much the wise mrsreem said! :) I had to do a health risk assessment for my insurance, when I was pregnant with Grier. My cholesterol was through the roof. I talked to my ob and she wasn't concerned because my non pregnant numbers are fine. I have it tested more frequently because i have pcos, which can cause high cholesterol. My dr won't test it again until I wean Grier.
  • I was tested 2 weeks after giving birth. I tried blaming pregnancy for the bad result since some of my other tests that came back with bad results were most likely affected by pregnancy, but my family acted like that wasn't possible. It was a physical for life insurance so no doctor to explain the results. I had no idea that pregnancy and breastfeeding affected cholesterol though!

    Even though I didn't have a regular exercise routine before pregnancy, I feel so lazy not trying to reduce my waistline right now. I shall wait though.

    Additional fiber: I should be able to handle that. It wouldn't hurt H to eat some of those foods you mentioned either... 

  • Cinnamon is also good for reducing cholesterol.  Add a 1/4 tsp to your oatmeal in the morning!

    You can find fish cheaper if you buy it frozen.  I bought a whole bag of tilapia fillets for $5-6 so I can have a low carb high protein dinner easily on hand.

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  • I prefer oatbran VS otameal, just a less texture thing for me. I add a little bit of sugar and cinnamon to mine.

    If you have an Aldi's near you, they always have frozen fish cheap! Sounds dumb, but Cheerio's! :) heart healhty! I personally don't like egg white subsitutes, and they're expensive, why not just take the yolk out when you make eggs?

  • What on earth is oatbran? I've never heard of such a thing!

    Apples, walnuts, AND cinnamon to top my oatmeal? Sounds delish!

    The closest Aldi's is up with you guys, but it's not like we don't visit DM often. I'll have to check it out.

  • Oatbran is just that. LOL THIS page might help, I just like it better.

    I don't remember what town you're living in but there might be one closer than you think, for an Aldi's check out their site to see. But do! Stalk up on fish from there, that's what we do! SO much cheaper!

  • Des Moines is closest, but that's ok. I need to go up soon for my post-natal check-up. I'll swing by there too!
  • Fareway has cheap white fish like tilapia and perch. I'm not sure how great those are at lowering cholesterol, try looking it up first before you buy it.  doesn't tuna help too? that is cheap.

    adam had high cholesterol, but was able to lower it a TON by watching what he eats and working out. he has always been lean, but his blood used to reflect his poor eating habits.  just cutting out fattier foods and getting exercise has completely turned his cholesterol around.

    but i do agree w/ the others that it is probably unusually elevated due to pregnancy, have it checked again in a few months, it might just go down naturally.

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