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ugh why is the apple store always so crowded?

have you ever been to the apple store when it's not a complete mob scene? maybe it's better during the week. i need to go in there to upgrade my software as i can barely download any apps (including pinterest) but i dread going in there. i know you can do it yourself but my mom tried to do it and ended up wiping her whole phone which is definitely something i don't want to do.
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Re: ugh why is the apple store always so crowded?

  • We were in the one in the Mall of America on Saturday night and it wasn't super crowded. It was also right before closing, so I'm sure not a lot of people were actually seriously looking. Its always pretty crowded though.

    Definitely don't do it yourself! I tried to do that on my old phone (not an Iphone) and it screwed up my system. Easier to make time then lose everything.

  • md, do you sync your phone to your iTunes? If so, no upgrade should be necessary..

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  • You have a 3GS huh? That's what I have and I didn't have any problems updating the software myself. And I flipping hate iTunes but I managed to figure it out. It told me to sync my phone first with iTunes before allowing the software upgrade. But you should go to the store if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. I've never been to the Apple store here, but it does always look packed when I do walk by.
  • I've had to take things of mine to apple for repair (piece of my laptop broke off, i-pod crashed) and it's always a mob scene. I've created a scene or two myself there as well lol. But it's like that because, yeah, things break.. but Apple is the only company selling products that you can have serviced by them in person. Your Dell crashes? Good luck with customer care over the phone in some foreign country who's accent you can't decipher. Your Blackberry glitches? Have fun with that refurb.

    How awesome is it that you can bring your product right back to the store when it breaks for someone to fix or replace? I appreciated the fact that I was able to get lessons (for free!) about how to use my Macbook and i-pod. I can't stand Apple products, but Steve Jobs is brilliant for how he goes about marketing them.

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