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Wisdom teeth?

This is a tri fold question. 

 I'm trying to get an idea of how much it would cost to get my wisdom teeth removed.  I haven't the slightest clue.  I have dental insurance, and I (of course) have a deductible. But, if I remember correctly, my insurance will only cover "100%" UP TO a certain amount.  Sh!tty, I know.  Therefore...

1.  If you had it done/know some who had it done, about how much did it cost.  Exclude what insurance paid.  I need to know basic cost so that I can estimate how much I *might* have to pay out of pocket.

2.   Do you know anything about going through a pharmeceutical study?  Bad or good?  I'm thinking I might not even be eligible as I have all FOUR of these babies and they are ALL impacted, therefore requiring major surgery. 

3.  Wanna give me a good recommendation for an oral surgeon?

Re: Wisdom teeth?

  • I can't really directly answer any of your questions, but when I had mine taken out by a maxillofacial surgeon my parents put it through our medical insurance rather than dental insurance so that might be something to look into. I was completely knocked out and it was amazing  - I refused to go to anyone who wanted me to stay awake for the procedure.

    My only concern with a study is that they're usually testing pain medications - if you're not on the study drug, do you get a placebo? Or just an already approved pain med? I had some major pain issues after mine (don't worry - it's pretty unusual) and I would have been miserable if I didn't have real pain meds. 

  • I just had mine out two weeks ago. I went to Austin Oral Surgery and used Dr. Fuselier. I really liked him.

    Your quote will depend on how complicated the removal is. I had 3 taken out, all three were in different states (1 almost all the way in, 1 partially impacted, 1 fully impacted). Yes, I only had 3. Yay! I went to sleep, and I total was about $1700 before insurance. DH got a much lower quote because his are all partially in, so the cheapest type of removal. DH is going to try to get into one of the studies. As for YU's concern, you don't get a placebo. They compare new drug to existing drug. So no fear there! But I have been told (when I tried to get into one), that they often will only do one side at a time. I would NOT want to go through this recovery twice. I'm eating normal food already (aside from chips and popcorn), but I essentially have to irrigate my mouth for the next 3 weeks after every meal! It's annoying. And I'm paranoid, so everything made me nervous after the surgery for over a week.

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  • 1. I work for the state and apparently have good insurance according to my oral surgeon.  The total cost for me was approximately $950.  That included anesthesia.  My doctor had to prove it was medically necessary for the type of anesthesia I had, due to the nature of how impacted my wisdom teeth were, but if my insurance had not covered the anesthesia it would have been about $1200. For what it's worth, my wisdom teeth were so impacted that one of them looked like it had gone through my jaw bone on the x-ray.  I had 3 follow up appointments and all 3 of those were free.

    2. I had a lot of pain after surgery the first day and my understanding with the study is that if you may not actually get the pain medicine they are testing so you would have to lay there miserable with no pain meds.  That would not have worked for me.

    3.  My oral surgeon was awesome and I would go back to him in an instant. I saw Dr. Mark Burchard in Round Rock off of Wyoming Springs.


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  • I had mine done back in September -- also all impacted. I think the total cost without insurance would have been about $1400. Luckily my insurance covered all of that except for the sedation, so my out-of-pocket cost was only about $150 or so.

    I have a friend who had hers out via the pharmaceutical study. She said they used a good doctor and it was a good experience overall. You don't know if you're getting the medication they're testing or the normal kind, but she said that if you experience any pain at all, you just raise your hand to tell them and they give you the tried-and-true painkiller stuff. They won't leave you there in agony for the sake of their study -- that's against the rules for human testing. I considered going this route too, but I'm a total wimp and wanted to be knocked out.

    So, my recommendation. I went to Dr. Quaroni at Austin Oral and Maxillofacial and would definitely recommend him. Apparently they knocked me out and he had all four of those suckers removed in about 15-20 minutes. I was not as impressed with the aftercare because I actually had a lady there pull out one of my stitches while fishing around for the medicine packet that they put in to prevent a dry socket (!). But the surgeon was great.

    The other doctor I heard a lot of good things about was Dr. Steven Perkins.  


  • I had all four of mine out w/ Dr. Perkins.  He was fantastic and overall I had no major issues, other than a reaction to the local. I had to go back to the office after hours to get some kind of phenergan shot or something bc no other methods were working and I was losing too much fluid. He met us there and DH said he was very kind and helpful.

    I've heard really good things about the study. They are reputed to have good drs and the handful of people I've known who did it didn't have any complaints.  I wish I had gone that route just to save the money. I don't think you have much to lose just by giving them a call.

    I have fairly good insurance and I was $1k out of pocket. 

  • I had mine done a LONG time ago. All 4 and they were impacted. I remember it being about $1,000 after insurance.

    I went through the screening for the study but when I told them I was allergic to Codeine, I was disqualified. Apparently the medication they could be testing could be closely related to Codeine. However, my roommate at the time had hers done. She felt some pain but overall said the experience wasn't bad and she would have done it again.

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