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Plant i.d.s needed: Sacramento

I was in Sacramento over the weekend and saw two plants in street plantings throughout the old part of the city.  I'm hoping someone here can help me identify them.

The first looked very much like a Japanese Iris, although it grew in clumps, rather than individually.  The blossom was pure white, with a yellow streak in the throat, and a smaller purple streak on the top of the cup.  The foliage was long slender blades.

The second had similar foliage, but the white blossom was flat, with three almost round petals.

Both were quite tall -- 30" or higher.

 Anyone have any idea what they could be?

Re: Plant i.d.s needed: Sacramento

  • junojuno member
    1000 Comments Combo Breaker

    Fortnight lily?

    Used a lot in commercial plantings because it requires zero maintenance.  Some gardeners shun them because they are so "common" (one nursery worker said her husband planted a bunch and turned their yard "into a Macy's parking lot").  I have a couple by my front door, which gets punishing sun, and I've never lifted the first finger to care for them in 4 years.

  • Thank you, Juno!  That's exactly what they are.  And unfortunately they will not grow in my zone ... rats.
  • junojuno member
    1000 Comments Combo Breaker

    You're welcome.  Too bad they won't work for you.  Maybe daylilies could substitute for you?  They're super easy, with a similar kind of look.  Sort of.

  • You might try some native iris. Douglas' Iris might fit that look, and it's native in central California.



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  • Thanks, Juno and Mouse.  I do have irises and daylilies in the garden now, and love them both.  But the Fortnight Lily's white blossom floating above the dark green foliage is stunning.  I'll just have to visit Sacramento more often!
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