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Re: LB

  • It was a blast!  I can't believe how much nicer NCL is than Carnival for the same price bracket.  At least this NCL versus the Carnival cruises we've been on.  It was similar to the Princess cruise we went on for our honeymoon in how nice everything was, but it was so casual.  That was awesome.  Lots of families, but lots of couples too.  Everything was really laid back.

    It was fun and super nice, but we wished there had been more... stuff to do.  Although I will admit that had an "adult" game show/scavenger hunt and a guy on our team ended up wearing one of my bras on stage as a hat (I had the biggest and "most hat-like" bras LOL).  So maybe I shouldn't complain about not having enough to do.  Lord knows what would have happened if there had been other things to do.  Drinks

    Ate too much, drank too much.  But what else is new?  :)

    Thanks for asking!  Not to sound know-it-all, but let me know if you have any questions about NCL in general.  I can't remember if you've done them or not, but I know you guys love cruising too and I'd definitely recommend.

  • Sounds fun! I wish we had closer options for cruises other than Carnival. I'd love to try out some of the other cruise lines.

  • Carnival has way more fun pool games and trivia and stuff in the afternoons and more of a fun party atmosphere at night. We missed that a lot.
  • Sounds like a good time. If we ever find a NCL cruise that fits our timeframe, I will ask for tips. I wish the cruise line was better at making sure there were multiple activities for different people. I think they should reduce the amount of shopping "shows" that they have and increase the fun stuff.
  • Are the "dine your way" options included on NCL or extra?  I've only been on Carnival, the food has been included.  And I wondered how it worked on NCL.  We're going on a island to island HI cruise for my 30th.  The only line that does it is NCL, so I'm starting to research.  (They're the only line that does it where you start and end in HI, not cruise from CA or somewhere.)
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