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Will he stay this calm? Or is he just recovering?

Barney was neutered last week on Tuesday. He is still just lazing around. He's eating and drinking okay and being a sweetheart like usual. Everyone I've talked to said neutering calms male dogs, but right away like this? He's 8 months old, I'm not sure if it makes a difference that he was neutered a bit late in the game (we didn't get him until he was 7 months old).

Do you think he's okay? I worry.

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Re: Will he stay this calm? Or is he just recovering?

  • My girls got spayed 2 weeks ago at 14 weeks and they have been pretty much completely different dogs since. One of them is on antibiotics so I'm not sure how much that has to do with in but they have been so mellow. They're normally hell on paws until they fall asleep and rarely fell asleep before I put them to bed but now napping is their favorite past time. I'm sure it's different for every dog but just wanted to share that we're in a similar boat.
  • I doubt he'll stay that calm.  My Newf was really calm for a couple weeks after he was neutered @ 11 months old, but he went back to his old crazy self.  He didn't REALLY calm down until 2.5 years old or so.
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