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QOTD Tuesday

Would you want to live in a big city? Do you Jax ladies consider it to be a true big city? If you had no strings and wanted to move to a big city (ex: Dallas, Orlando, Chicago) which one would you move to and why?
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Re: QOTD Tuesday

  • Jax is too big for me. I really miss living in a small town. But I love being so close to DHs family here, and there are better work opportunities for him, so here we are!
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  • I would love to live somewhere like Manhattan for like a year. I wouldn't want to live there long term though. I like that there is public transportation and it is very walkable. If we're talking big city like Orlando, then, eh... hard to say. It just sounds like a lot of traffic headaches to me.
  • Growing up in NY I would love to live in Manhattan. I probably wouldn't want to do it long term but a couple of years would be great.

    I definitely don't consider Jax a big city. It has a lot of people and land-wise it's a big city but everyone's spread out over a really large area. Downtown Jax is relatively developed but it doesn't have the downtown life that I associate with a "big city."

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  • I don't really consider Jax to be a big city. It lacks so much in diversity and different cultural things, it doesn't meet my definition. I like the convenience of being in a metro area but I would love better public transportation. I wish I didn't have to spend so much money on gas!
  • I do not consider JAX a true big city...I reserve that title for more metropolitan-type cities rather than just surface area.

    I'd love to live in Manhattan or Chicago for a year or two...eventually though we'll probably be back in los angeles.

  • I like visiting big cities, but I don't think I'd like living in one, at least not forever.  Although, I do like that there always seems to be events going on, bigger concerts, and I wouldn't mind somewhere with a ballpark.  I'm not sure if I'd be willing to fight the traffic all the time.

  • Jax is NOT a true big city. We don't even have an upscale department store, FFS.

    I'd take Manhattan any day.

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  • Like some of the pp's I would like to live in a big city for a short amount of time. I've only visited a couple big cities and Boston was my favorite. I just wouldn't want to deal with the cold and snow.
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  • Add me to the list of people who definitely don't consider Jax a big city. It's "big" in an annoying way without any of the perks. I would love to live in San Fran...just not sure how I would do with the weather. I'd love some of So Cal's bigger cities as well. I definitely want to live in a bigger city.
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  • Jax doesn't have the big city life. Has plenty of miles, but not my definition of true big city. I wouldn't have minded living in a big city before having Luke, but now am not interested.
  • We just got back from Chicago today and while Iove visiting I don't think I am cut out to live in a big city. If I had to chose it would definitely be Chicago over NY. 
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  • Jax is big in area, but certainly not a big city.  Big city in my mind is for some reason mostly relying on public transportation.

    Like others I would love to live in an actual big city for a few years, but I think I would miss my family too much to stay away permanently.

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