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Crap. We need fence solutions!! Barney is a houdini.

Okay so Barney escaped into my back neighbors yard today. He was trying to get into the yard kitty corner to us to play with their dog. They just ran up and down the fence line instead.

Here's the issue. We have a HUGE tree in the corner of our yard. The trunk is against the fence and it comes out a little so there's almost a landing there for him, so he ran up the trunk (it's really wide) to jump over. From the landing to the top of the fence is about a foot, so really easy to jump, obviously.

How do we gate off the tree? It's in the corner. My mom suggested chicken wire? Would the pet store having something to help or do DH and I have to wander around Home Depot to figure it out?

At least he got his first bath today! The neighbor's yard was ALL mud!!

Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect


Re: Crap. We need fence solutions!! Barney is a houdini.

  • Do you think you could post a photo? I'm having difficulty visualizing.
    [url=] Emmett, An Adoptable English Bulldog/Beagle Mix [/url]
  • Was he left unattended in the yard?
    My siggy is broken. It has made me grumpy.
  • image wag more. bark less:
    Was he left unattended in the yard?

    Nope! We were all in the backyard and he ran over and jumped out!

    We fixed it with chicken wire.

    Lauren has Down syndrome and a complete AV canal heart defect

  • My neighbor has a fenced yard and a little mutt dog that likes to bark at EVERYONE.  The dog actually gets out of his yard every day by running up a tree along the fence that leans slightly.  From the side of the tree, he vaults over into the neighbors' un-fenced yard.  THe neighbors do not believe us that this happens.  To get in, the dog runs up a similiarly sized and leaned tree in the neighbors yard and vaults accross the fence  I have watched it many times. 
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