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To all the moms!

What hospital did you give birth in and what was your experience there? THANKS! :)

Re: To all the moms!

  • I had DD at the Edmond Renaissance Women's Hospital and had a great experience - unfortunately it's not there anymore! =(  I will be having this baby at Lakeside Women's Hospital because I have heard similar things about it as what made me love the Renaissance.  Several people have raved to me about how awesome the nurses at Lakeside are, which is part of what I loved about my experience in Edmond.  Since you typically spend almost all of your labor in the care of the nurses, it's pretty important to get good ones that are easy to get along with.  I also like their low nurse to patient ratio at Lakeside.  The rooms at Lakeside are really nice and big like the ones in Edmond were also.  Hopefully I'll have a birth story soon and I'll let you know how my experience at Lakeside was.  HTH!
  • I delivered at St. Anthony.   It was good and bad.  I got 2 extremely extremely bad nurses that ruined the whole experience for me.   They bothered me so much that I called and complained about a month later because I couldn't get over how extremely rude they were.   However, there were 2 other nurses that were wonderful and the anesthesiologist was the best.   I don't think I would want to deliver there again though.
  • I had ds at Canadian Valley Integris in Yukon and loved it. All the nurses except for 1 were wonderful. They were so helpful and nice!
  • I also had dc at Integris Canadian Valley and I had a great experience.  I definitely want to have the next one there as well.
  • My son was born at Norman Regional (and I subsequently did another tour on their maternity ward for pp hypertension).  I was very happy with the care that we received.  The nursing staff was excellent.  The accommodations are nice, but they were very full and it took a day or two to get to our 'real' recovery room.
  • I had my son at Norman Regional too.  I thought it was good.  They put me in a regular room instead of a C-section room even though I had a C-section so that was nice.  The nurses were great and made me feel very comfortable!
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  • i had both of my boys at OU and i love them! everyone worked great with me and i am not a normal patient... my DH and i do TONS of our own research about anything medical that has to do with us or our boys so we have very specific ideas about how we want things, especially our birth experiences and our children's first few days in the world, to be handled. we have always been treated with the utmost respect by the all of the doctors, midwives and nurses at OU. i am strongly considering keeping my midwife  there using them even after we move to texas! i have had a crash c-section and a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceserean) there and they were both handled beatifully!

  • I had an amazing experience at Lakeside! I did have my son on Thanksgiving so I probably had a little extra attention because I was pretty much the only patient, but the nurses were so freakin' awesome. I loved, loved, loved them. I loved the on-call docs and basically just felt like everyone went the extra mile with me. It made me so at-ease and I actually really enjoyed my labor, birth, and recovery because of the staff. Highly recommend!!


    (Christi, I bet you'll love it there too. From what I hear, it's super similar to Renaissance!)

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