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random question: tea

have you ever noticed that when hot tea cools down it gets colder than room temperature?


my water is room temp... but my (formerly hot) tea is FREEZING. (i like more than one drink at once)

what the hell is that all about? 

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Re: random question: tea

  • RIGHT?!?  What the hell??  Someone oughta Google that shiz.  I'd do it, but it sounds like a commitment I don't really want to make right now. 
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  • which is exactly why i posted here. lol well that and i love to complain.

    but i'm pretty sure the reason has to do with chemistry and sh!t, and we all know i dont do "science." hahhahahah


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  • I was just thinking about this a few days ago! LMAO! I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I made some tea, and of course got side tracked, came back for the tea and it was freezing cold. I have an issue with reheating drinks, too. I know, I'm weird. Now I'm off to make some hot tea :)
  • if something cold were to sit in room temperature it would get warmer than the room, slightly because it has more spread particles, if a hot object were to sit at room temperature it would get cooler than the room because it has more particles clustered together

    Apparently, this is this answer. I googled it because it pisses me off too! I drink at least 4 cups of tea at work a day. I had to bring in a thermos to keep at work to keep it warm!
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